Purple Wildflower MeadowRed Wildflower MeadowRiot of Wildflowers

4 Responses to “Painterly Florals”

    1. beverlydyer Says:

      Thank you. I like your blog name!

  1. Peg Says:

    Your flowers are so ethereal, very dreamy, beautiful to meditate with! I’d like your opinion of using alcohol inks on glossy photo paper. I was wondering if I could do that…would save a lot $ vs yupo paper and the Tim Holtz glossy card stock. Yupo is not weighty enough for card making and I get different results….the ink does not bleed nor drip as well as glossy. I’m so glad I found your blog through HeartJournal Magazine.

    1. beverlydyer Says:

      Hi Peg, what a delightful surprise to come home and find your lovely comment!! I’m glad you found me too. It seems alcohol ink works nicely on photo paper. I have a friend who is also doing beautiful work on Yupo! Thank you for visiting the Art Prescription!!

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