Quiet Walk September 12, 2015

The woods are quiet

My bike wheels spin on the trail

Flowers go to seed.

Art Prescription:  Sam and I went to Tobacco Trail today. We drove out across Jordan Lake to the portion of the trail that crosses the wetlands of the lake. We saw four different kinds of woodpeckers. They have a primo opportunity in that habitat with all the stags. I’m coloring my Art Prescription Deck to make thumbnails for final production. This is the fun part!

Each 5 x 7 card in the deck will be printed on Bristol Vellum – an artist grade paper! The botanical names will be listed and the family.

Blackberry Lily – Belamcancia chinensis – Iris Family

Persian Speedwell – Veronica persica – Figwort Family

Art Rx blackberry lily color 72

Monarch Fuel October 10, 2014

Lantana, fuel up

Monarchs begin their south bound

Journey, Mexico.

Art Prescription:  It’s heartening to see monarchs!! Perhaps the conservationEnvelope art monarch.jpg efforts to help them on their journey to Mexico is paying off. Several friends are seeing them in their gardens too!! Pen and ink and colored pencil on an envelope, with a few stamps!! Fun…

Scribble Tree August 8, 2014

Scars, blemishes, wounds

We all have them, our chapters,

Like trees we grow up

Art Prescription:  Here is a total stress relieving piece. Colored pencil scribbled on a 3 x 5 index card. It’s really all about the process, not the end picture. Ahhhh….feel better now.

Tree 3 x 5.jpg

Haiku July 6, 2013 Bee Balm

Busy, busy, bees

Yo-yo over red bee balm

Fill up on the sweet.

Art Prescription:  Idyllic July day. Spent most of it outside admiring my garden and then walked over to the North Carolina Botanical Garden.  The abundance of flowers is intoxicating.

bee balm

Haiku April 11, 2013 Big Fat Orange

Big, round, lush orange

Sits with company, blue bowl.

Dose, vitamin C!

Art Prescription:  Sometimes art is right in front of your eyes in the many still-life’s in your home.  Colored pencils are wonderfully uncomplicated and portable.  You simply draw with them, wet with a brush, and the colors blend and come to life. You can also actually dip the pencil into water to make really vibrant marks. Get some and play…play is good!