Haiku September 1, 2013 Art Gift

Garden art fairy

Sketches and paints for shear bliss

A gift to stranger.

Art Prescription:  I went to the North Carolina Botanical Gardens today to field sketch. Using pen and ink and watercolor pencils, I worked on 3 x 5 index cards. And as I finished one I gave it to the first person who came by.

iron weed


Haiku July 8, 2013 Spiragira!

Sun spiragira

Intricate patterns emerge

Rings of rays blossom,

Art Prescription:  Did you know the “petals” of the sunflower are not true petals? The true flowers are the tiny rays that form the amazing spiral design on the head of a sunflower and many other “ray” flowers. Here’s another watercolor pencil sketch, finished with a quick big brush of water.


Haiku July 7, 2013 Be Brave

With the will of ants

Nature’s determination

It’s time to be brave.

Art Prescription:  Have you ever watched the determination of an ant,  or group of ants, trying to carry something. One ant will try to move something 10 times its size.

bee balm 2