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Welcome to the Art Prescription! Here you will find:

-A dose of art! My hope is to provide a dose of art for anyone who needs it. Your dose can be a quick fix or a meandering visit. I welcome comments and ideas and please come back soon.

-My newest art available for art licensing and publishing. I work in watercolor, acrylic, and mixed media and have hundreds of pieces. I’m also a Certified Botanical Illustrator. Contact me for tear sheets or image requests bev@beverlydyer.com

For art publishing I am represented by AD Lines http://ad-lines.com/index.cfm

I am a nurse and an artist and part of my quest in life is to intertwine these passions. Art is healing. It boost the immune system, eases pain and depression by increasing good brain chemicals, and can be a way to release emotions.

Artist Statement

“We all cross through life from birth to death. During my years as a nurse, I’ve experienced many profound and intimate human encounters and witnessed the most tragic and joyful of human circumstances. This has had beautifully positive as well as distressing effects on me as a person. My goal as a nurse and artist is to maintain health and balance in order to be fully present on this journey of life.

Artistic expression through painting and poetry is inspiring and health promoting for me. I take my experiences and translate them into creative activity in search of meaning and understanding. Or sometimes I travel on a journey with my imagination and escape into fantasy by painting away the hours for the pure joy of it. For me, creativity is important to a well-adjusted life.”

Beverly lives in beautiful Chapel Hill, North Carolina with her adorable husband Sam Dyer and their three cats Maya, Mocha, and Matisse.

I have a shop at http://www.beverlydyer.etsy.com

My fine art stationery and products can be found in many North Carolina stores. Contact me for a complete list.

Beverly Dyer MSN, RN, Botanical Illustrator

25 Responses to “About”

  1. Carol Brylski Says:


    I love your site, poems and art and take inspiration from it daily. I’ve been painting on my art quilts by using whatever paint or fabric I have available. I learn as I go trying ideas from Quilting Arts magazine. I was wondering what was the watercolor fabric you talked about and where do you get it?



    1. beverlydyer Says:

      Hi Carol,
      Glad you are following! It’s been fun for me to set a goal of writing a haiku a day and pair them with art.

      The watercolor fabric is actually my art printed on 100% cotton. There is a site called spoonflower that prints. I’m extremely happy with the quality of the colors and am thinking of selling fabric on my etsy shop. I have been wondering if there was a market for crafters and quilters for watercolor fabric.

      I love quilts! I have about 6 that my grandparents hand-made. Truly art!


  2. violetski Says:

    Beautiful paintings! Love the colours❤
    Looking forward to see more your works😃

    1. beverlydyer Says:

      Thanks! And wow love your travel paintings!

  3. Margaret Jones Says:

    Just took a look see today…good job..you da gurl of the day. gotta go get bllood draw right now tho.. Love.
    Aunty M

  4. meiro Says:

    Hi Beverly,
    I love your paintings…., thanks for coming by at my page.
    Have a wonderful day.

    Best wishes,

  5. What a lovely blog, I’ll be signing up for a regular dose!

  6. Madeline Says:

    Hi Beverly,
    So wish I could get inspiration by painting in your little ‘art house’. What a tranquil and zen place. I miss your smiling face and lovely aura.

  7. Zuzanna Vee Says:

    Hi, Beverly,
    Was nice to meet you on the walk today. Hope you had a wonderful painting session. Nice blog… Good luck in NYC and all your projects! Hope to see you around……..

    1. beverlydyer Says:

      I had a lovely time. Glad to have met you along the path. Sounds like you are doing some cool classes with art and symbols. I should look into this…sounds interesting.

  8. Zuzanna Vee Says:

    Thanks. If you want me to send the info, email me. Don’t want to post it on your page…..

  9. Love your little piece of heaven. A dream come true…. I find your art very inspiring, so happy I found your site.

  10. beverlydyer Says:

    Delighted you are here Silver Bird!

  11. So glad to have found your site.

    1. beverlydyer Says:

      That is very kind afternoonartist. Glad to have you following!

  12. i like the blog name and your posts. Very artistic, imaginative, creative and all…i have something for you but i’m not sure if you do awards, anyway i’m sending it to you through this link http://kintal.wordpress.com/2013/09/02/because-youre-fantabulous-award-from-ajay/. accept it or not, your are still fantabulous! and the award belongs to you.

  13. Starralee Says:

    Art is very therapeutic, as is poetry. I’m sending your link to a friend.

  14. Love your blog and the name you chose! Art does take you away from all your worries. I really enjoyed looking through your paintings and reading your haiku’s.

    1. beverlydyer Says:

      Thanks for coming by! I’m going to hop over and follow your blog!

  15. Thanks for following us. Love your site and your work. I am also a nurse and will love to read your posts on healing power of art. My therapy dog partner and I write about healing and the human animal bond.
    Paws Up,
    Jill and Junior

  16. krasivoblog Says:

    What a magical little house! )

    1. beverlydyer Says:

      Magic does happen there. Thank you!

  17. miathelunatic Says:

    I love your site! Haikus and your art just works so well!

    1. beverlydyer Says:

      Thank you! I’m glad you came to visit! Cheers, Bev

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