I love this black and white!

A flicker of red

Lands on feeder with presence

Heaven’s visitor.

Art Prescription: I got an Etsy order for a set of Cardinals. I’m sold out except for eight cards. I asked the buyer if I could send two other designs to complete the set.

He said they are for his wife and their son died nine years ago. Each time she sees a cardinal, she feels he is visiting.

I painted two original cards just for her.

I’m honored.

White, soft, cold, winter

Quiet, crunchy, cozy, home

Warm house, bare branches.

Art Prescription: just so iconic, a snow day!

Art journal with watercolor:

Christmas in a pot

Classic is red and green and

White poinsettia.

Art Prescription: Matilda, my golden cat I pet sit, offered me a fresh poinsettia. I chose white for a change.

Pen and ink sketch with watercolor:

If your ship doesn’t

Come in, swim out to meet it.

Johnathan Winters.

Art Prescription: art journal collage:

Sky back-lit with pink

Tiny snow flurries float down

Put my coat back on.

Art Prescription: I put out 250 lbs of hay to keep the horses warm tonight. As I worked snow flurries peppered the sky.

I started with a sketch done last year. An incomplete work.

I layered in more watercolor and then accented with acrylic. Now it fits my mood for the day.

I think these are done.

Xpint the cat and Flint the dog.