Stands still in the sun

Patient with eight year old kids

A birthday party.

Art Prescription: I’m so proud of this boy.

Wet, rocky, incline

Smokey, pepper, smell, galax

Three hundred sixty.

Art Prescription: I’m back from Asheville.

This boy and my time on the farm reassures me that all is well.

Again I watch trees

Sway in the wind as rain pelts

Already wet ground.

Art Prescription:  Although we are blessed and safe, I’m feeling a bit storm fatigue. Sending prayers to all the families who have experienced so much loss.


Hi guys! Goodness I got busy.

I’m working on this custom baby name.

Base done and now I can add fun critters.

Sound of horse clip-clop

Wood burning somewhere near-bye

Organic country.

Art Prescription: my work with horses fills all my senses:

Each one-of-a-kind

Comes with its own history

Unique attributes.

Art Prescription: All species are…

art journal collage, stamping, watercolor pencil: