They flit, fly, and crawl

Bite, sting, burrow, draw fresh blood

The summertime bugs!

Art Prescription: So while probably texting, deep admission, I looked down and found my pink clogs, without socks, covered in fire-ants. Holy Batman watch where you walk!

Three days later I’m still applying cortisone cream.

I’m really interested in capturing the essence of horses for my big, 36 x 36, painting.

With a heat index of 104, I ventured out to farm to field-sketch, literally.

Graphite on paper:

Layers of color

Atmospheric soft background

Gestural drawing.

Art Prescription: I’m working on a large 36 x 36 canvas. I’ve painted lots of layers and then dripped an acrylic wash over the entire canvas.

Then I’m sketching with graphite trying to achieve the gestural feeling I have in my head.

Sleek curves and round butts

Long willowy manes and tails

Soft welcoming eyes.

Art Prescription: So I painted a 36 x 36 background today. I have a vision in my head with a horse.

Here I’ve done several thumbnails sketching out composition. So far I’ve gone off the canvas.


Yellow Roses bloom

You are not here to smell them

They grew from your love.

Art Prescription: In memory:

Art Journal Collage:

Came in through the door

Hovered at windows, wings beat

Set free into blue.

Art Prescription: I’ve had two hummingbird encounters this week. First was a female who flew into my open-door studio. She allowed me to help her out.

Second a hummingbird who had collapsed at a neighbor’s. Moved into open air that one took off as well.

Hummers are a sign of pure joy. Thank you Mother Nature!

Colored pencil on index card:

While the horses wait patiently to go out to pasture, these guys were sitting pretty!

Have a great weekend,


Finally release

Thunder booms, rain pounds the ground

Air smells of wet grass.

Art Prescription: Busy day wearing many hats. RN, artist, horse mom.

I had a request to rework a previous painting.

And here is “Fryer,” the ox: