It’s rodeo day

Obstacle course, barrel race

Dust rises with hooves.

Art Prescription: What fun to do rodeo games. I rode Carson, since my horse Finn has a sore back.

Carson did great! What a good boy!

Home to ponder on my embroidery idea. Tried stitching various bases. Watercolor paper too hard, index card works but buckles, tissue paper too soft.

Ended up with a couple of embroidered leaves into my tiny journal…

Ahhhh…. just right:

That looks so easy

Why I could do that myself

Just need the supplies.

Art Prescription: So I set out today to get some embroidery needles. A friend of mine found some hoops and floss at a thrift shop and bought them for me.

I’ve been thinking I would create some embroidery kits with my watercolor designs.

Every art form takes skill! I fought with tangled floss, my knots went through the fabric, my needle became unthreaded, and after an hour here is my tiny improvisational embroidery. It was kind- of fun!


Started with a brush

Then added colored pencil

Finally black ink.

Art Prescription: Yesterday I snipped a few flowers for my class. I was teaching simple brush painted flowers.

This evening while sitting on my back porch listening to the birds, I added some colored pencil and pen and ink.

Cool early morning

Breeze rattles Columbine, Phlox

Nature’s color-wheel.

Art Prescription: I had a lovely group this morning in my brush painting class at the North Carolina Botanical Garden.

We practiced painting flower forms, capturing the essence of each flower. I will go back into these pages to add detail or repurpose them into journals!

I came home inspired!

I’m experimenting with different techniques of print making using natural objects.



Waiting in the brown

Spring comes on like a gallop

Over buttercups!

Art Prescription: Watercolor sketch:

Did a lesson with Zoe today. She knows horses! Here she is riding Jaeger!