A low-pitched warble

A shy male bluebird begins

An early courtship.

Art Prescription:  The birds know spring is around the corner. Bluebirds often begin their house hunting as early as January.

Index card sketch with graphite and colored pencil:

Index card blue bird 1.jpeg

Things not to be rushed

Threading a needle, cutting

Loading the bobbin.

Art Prescription: Sewing…it cannot be done in a rush. Like most things haste leads to more frustrating road blocks. The student is listening, but still trying to rush…argh.

Lined Zipper Bag #2 – Mock up design for Art Prescription Kit:

Art Prescription Kit.jpg

The Titmice protest

This great silent visitor

On the edge of field.

Art Prescription:  A late afternoon hike at Mason Farm was very quiet…until the owls came out!!

Index card with watercolor and my chop “hope”

Index card owl 1.jpeg

Winter drive, top down

Golden hair flies in the wind

Convertible bug.

Art Prescription:  Snow last week, 75 today.

Illustration with colored pencil on index card:

Index card convertable.jpeg

Steady drip drip drip

Snow melts, water runs to creek

Drop of joy travels.

Art Prescription:  The snow is pretty, but kind-of glad to see grass again.

Art journal collage with watercolor and sewing:

Sew journal.jpeg

Make, invent, arrange

In the spur of the moment


Art Prescription:  I though, “I’ll just make a little stuffed bunny.” More than an hour later, I was tangled in thread and cut fabric. My little bunny is pretty home-made and a little loose around his edges, and I enjoyed playing.

Improvisational sewing:


Life, many layers

The lived days add, a year

To lead with your heart.

Art Prescription:  How you spend your days add up to how your spend your year…

Collage and sewing on paper:

Bird eggs sew.jpeg