Searching for true life

Leaves begin to float in air

Life cycle goes on.

Art Prescription: Still hot, but the hope of fall and cooler weather is in the air.

Art journal:

Front porch roses sketch

Thunder storms move in from west

Adirondack chairs.

Art Prescription: Lovely day, hiked Mason Farm this morning. Quiet, except for the cicadas and mosquitos!!

Home to sit on our front porch.

Watercolor pencil sketch then brushed with a water-brush! Fun!

Signs of fall are here

Seed pods, rose hips, faded blooms

We move, new season.

Art Prescription: On my afternoon walk I set out to find signs of fall. I did not have to go far. I find much beauty in the curled, dried leaves and petals. Their work is done and now they can rest.

Nature Collage:

Scrap Exchange treasures

A place to find what you need

Inspiration hunt.

Art Prescription: The Scrap Exchange in Durham, NC is a warehouse full of everything you can imagine. Art and sewing supplies galore, wood working, leather, old windows, reams of fabric… the list goes on.

It’s a fun place to browse with no agenda. Today I found a set of Chinese porcelain painting bowls!

Lots of other goodies:

Colored index card with card catalog, stamps, papers, colored pencil:

Wisdom comes with years

Life brings many chances to

Soar above challenge.

Art journal with acrylic and pen and ink:

Humming birds buzz by

Over red Cardinal blooms

Strength for their travel.

Art Prescription: I went to the NC Botanical Garden to sketch this afternoon. The garden is lush with growth.

Settled on a stand of Cardinal Flowers where the hummingbirds were feeding.

Pen and ink sketch:

And then I added some watercolor:

Makes me so happy!



Flowers have the urge

To bloom forth and see the light

And beauty evolves.

Art Prescription: index card with watercolor