Caravan journey

Choosing to go off alone

Search for solitude.

Art Prescription: index card with watercolor 

Rains of Noble had her colt! He is about 72 hours old. What a miracle!

Took the long way homeThe days are short, years shorter

Suns vanishing point.

A calm simple life

Time to sit in a pasture

And breathe in horses.

Art Prescription:  Index card with collage and watercolor:

Index card 2017 21 Simplicity.jpeg

Gardening gadget

An old pair of shears to cut

A vase of posies.

Art Prescription:  Just simply graphite…so soothing.

Index card with graphite:

Index card 2017 19 Gadget.jpeg

Art Prescription:  Dang busy II!!

Index card with mixed media:

Index card 2017 18 Alphabetize .jpeg

Art Prescription:  Dang busy!

Index card with mixed media:

Index card 2017 17 Sprout.jpeg