Morning smells like soft

Petals glowing in the new

Bird calls and sunshine.

Art Prescription: I think one of my caterpillars is getting ready to J-hang, and start to be a chrysalis.

Meanwhile… watercolor bouquet:

I went to a butterfly workshop today and came home with two new pets, caterpillars!

Art journal:

Freshly cut roses

Delicate, silky petals

A romantic vase.

Art Prescription: I may paint these, but for now just enjoying their pure loveliness!


Wild and free they roam

Soaking in sunshine and rain

The all knowing horse.

Art Prescription: Feel we need some ancient wisdom.

Watercolor sketch:


A once in a life time chance

For a new story.

Art Prescription: Thank you for all your well wishes regarding my dear friend. Today I took her out to see her beloved horses!

I finished my Monarch butterfly piece and know for certain she will fly high now!


I’m part of a great barn family. Today I needed to pitch in and help with lessons.

The horses had my back!

Blue-gray clouds gather

Air hangs heavy with moisture

A bead of sweat rolls.

Art Prescription: Thank God we don’t have to wear corsets!! no wonder hysteria was prevalent. Women couldn’t breathe.