The Diva Chronicles

As life goes, we continue to adapt and learn new routines.

Despite the cold temperatures as compared with Las Vegas, Diva is getting used to wearing sweaters. Especially if we are venturing to the barn!

A day at the farm does make one extra tired.

And then with adequate rest it’s a new day!!! And I’m really enjoying my North Carolina nature walks!

Okay…. I really did walk. In the woods even! Diamond collar intact! Is this a boy sweater?

Morning Person

A morning person

Gets up crowing about life

First sip of coffee.

Art Prescription: Oh my gosh how I really just need quiet time when I first wake up!!!

Morning time can set the mood for the day.

Watercolor and pen and ink:

Mamma Bear

Surveying the land

Mamma Bear checks for safety

Her senses are keen.

Art Prescription: Horses are seven times more sensitive than humans. My guess is that most animals rely on their senses 100% more than we do.

What can we learn?

Bear watercolor:

Breakfast Surprise

Warm scones from oven

Cranberry and orange rind

Crisp and buttery.

Art Prescription: Sam has taken up cooking and oh, my, gosh!! Yummy!

He made scones. Freshly grated the orange rind. Our house smelled sublime!

Art journal sketch:

The Diva Chronicles

Diva is adjusting well…

Well, not so much for walking during this cold snap.egad

Just weeks ago she had her nails painted red, living the high life in Las Vegas.

Today she got to get in touch with her inner farm dog.

And there are consequences to rolling in horse poop…