When the heart opens

It allows us to connect

And blossoms happen.

Art Prescription: I’m humbled by the amazing and talented women who came to our yoga and art journaling retreat!

Our opening question was, “if I were growing in a summer garden, I would be…”

What a full garden! Filled with:

A bench in the shade.

A butterfly bush.

A lilac bush.

A tomato.

A songbird.

A fern in the shade.

Anything colorful.

A hydrangea.

A sunflower.

An Astromeria.

A purple petunia.

A thistle or Queen Anne’s Lace.

A yellow Coriopsis.

Rises to summer

Her heart open and chooses

To blossom, unfurl.

Art Prescription: Super excited about our second Yoga and Art Journaling Retreat tomorrow!

Out theme is summer, right after the solstice.

Summer is yang, heat, heart, blossoming.

Tremble in my arms

Welcome to the human world

Little ball of fluff.

Art Prescription: So, those of you who follow me will remember last fall I rescued a group of kittens and got them adopted out. Well, try as I might, I’ve not been able to catch the mother feral cat.

So…kittens round two. Caught this little guy in a holly bush this morning. Two or three kittens at large.

Hope is a thing with kitten paws!

Women of the world

Change sheets, prepare food, tend cats,

Kids, husbands, and dogs.

  1. Art Prescription: Are doctors, scientists, astronauts, nurses, landscapers, politicians, police, fire-fighters, teachers, full-time moms!!, horse-women, librarians, ranch owners, fashion directors, editors, writers, poets, artists….and the list goes on!
  2. Here’s to women!

Like kudzu in woods

Love spins around, delicate

Fragile as first kiss.

Art Prescription: Enough said…

She looked upon nest

Wondering who she should be

And what to do next.

Art Prescription: Our Purple Finches must be new parents.

Art Journal: We all wonder who we should be any given day…