Like a winter tree

Bracing for cold snow and ice

Sees beauty of all.

Art Prescription: Heading into the most Yin time of year. How can we best honor ourselves and those closest to us?


Art Journal with watercolor:

Know when to hold ’em

And know when to walk away

Life is a balance.

Art Prescription: Feeling appreciated is the most positive feedback. When your efforts and time are honored, this completes the cycle of heart-work. Alternatively when people have expectations to get only their needs met defenses naturally rise.

Do you realize when this is happening? How do you handle it?

Art journal with collage and washi tape:

Small stray family

A teenage mother in need

Thought she was kitten.

Art Prescription: Oh dear, the new stray kitten turns out to have a family. Discovered three puffy black kittens in the culvert behind my house.

So, I’ve been offering food for trust and hopefully momma won’t move them.

Ask the Universe for rest and I get kittens.

Index card watercolor sketch:


Hi Everyone, please see corrected images for last three days. I have a ghost in my machine!

Music in the soul

Is heard by the Universe

And answers do come.

Art Prescription: Washi tape and pen:


A chrysanthemum

Thinks she’s to blame for winter

Still she blooms her best.

Art Prescription: Along with the holidays and “laughing all the way,” comes family dynamics. When we are in the thick of it all, it’s so easy to allow old habits and old roles to dominate our thoughts.

What if this season you took no responsibility for anyone other than yourself! This may be the answer to Peace on Earth.

Index card with colored pencil and washi tape:


From a perch up high

Wise owl sees reality

Reminds us of truth.

Art Prescription: Perhaps wisdom does come from a higher perch. Our souls or spirits hovering above us encouraging us to find peace in our days. So simple…yet we humans race with the clock and think our striving is the answer.