Another Journal

New horse came to farm

Frolicking and fun bucking

They meet their new friend.

Art Prescription: It’s always fascinating to watch a new horse come to farm. The herd behavior resorts back to how they manage in the wild.

I made one more art journal for my Open Studio this weekend!

Fall Rain

Low gray clouds hover

Hawks sit on branches hunting

Steadily rain falls.

Art Prescription: And still the Horses must be fed and hayed. They are so appreciative.

I started this with pen and ink and watercolor.


Horses holiday

Ride, gift, treat, and hot cider

Raising camp money

Art Prescription: Today was Holiday with the Horses, our annual fundraiser for kids who can’t afford camp.

The horses were so patient having bows and bells put in their manes and tails.

Happy Thanksgiving

The sliver-moon smiles

Blessing our day and our night

Gratitude river.

Art Prescription: I hope each of you have enjoyed this day. Here in US we celebrate Thanksgiving.

Families come together and share a meal.

Where-ever you are I wish you a river of gratitude.