Sun through window, stretch

Coffee steam rises from cup

Bird’s feed their offspring.

Art Prescription: Each new day offers us a chance to live to the fullest.

The simple moments seem to bring immense joy.

Sunrise at the beach

Big long day in front of you

Which way will you walk.

Art Prescription: Seems life is about many choices. How we go about our days seems to add up into years.


Like the tide, in, out

We leave and return to home

Corn grew two-inches.

Art Prescription: It was wonderful being with my family at the beach. My brother is a great cook and we ate fresh seafood on the grill.

Melancholy sets in to separate and return to all of our divided lives.

And…there’s no place like home! My cat and my horse were super glad to see me.

Art journal with watercolor:

Beach grass waves in wind

Kites soar over sunbathers

Dogs play fetch in waves.

Art Prescription: It’s been a lovely family time at the beach. Everybody is relaxed and time stretches out like the clouds.

Each of us floats to their own rhythm, filling what we need with salt air and sun.

Watercolor postcard:

A gem collection

Smooth glass-like rocks by the sea

And the tide comes in.

Art Prescription: Walked miles on the beach. All is well.

Big pelicans soar

Over dunes with tall grasses

Tall sea oats in wind.

Art Prescription : Super windy at Topsail Island. Big breaking waves go way out.

Nice long walk along street and sound-side. So many beautiful homes.

Lines of pelicans

Float, soar over beach houses

The ocean restless.

Art Prescription: Taking a little break at the beach.

I started a new house portrait. Thinking I’ll be painting some sea birds too.