October in field

Oriental bittersweet

Tall giant plume grass.

Art Prescription:  Took an inspired group of young naturalist’s to Mason Farm today for some field sketching. A group of five curious boys who found lots of creepy-crawly amazing specimens! We didn’t hike very far as they found much to be fascinated with everywhere. I’m so grateful to have the opportunity to share nature with young minds. Who is teaching who?

Nature journals with graphite and colored pencils:


Red maple, show-off

Turns all shades of fall color

Leaves are works of art.

Art Prescription:  Moving along to the Red Maple. Tree is painted, it’s a surprise. Here I’ve added to my leaf and seed page.

Pen and ink and colored pencil:

Ornamental podsRattle as cold front moves in 

Redbud, spring princess.

Art Prescription:  I continue to prepare for my NC Botanical Garden class. So looking forward to it. The NC redbud is not famous in fall, but signals spring with her purple violet blooms. A study of her heart-shaped leaf and seed pod does interest the botanical painter. 

Pen and ink with colored pencil:

Elm, like a fountain

Spills over her golden leaves

Cascade in autumn.

Art Prescription:  I’m teaching a class at the North Carolina Botanical Garden this coming weekend. My favorite subject, trees!

Watercolor 8 1/2 x 11 Elm

Quiet, except for

Leaves crunching under our feet

And squirrels rustling.

Art Prescription:  beautiful fall day! Took my sketchbook and a pen to Mason Farm. Colored with colored pencils at home. Long lived day.

Annual party

Twenty years of gathering

So glad to be home.

Art Prescription:  late-night parties are not for me! I’m usually the first to arrive and the first to leave. Our friends have been throwing this annual party for 20 years. It’s a great party!! And now I’m home sweet home.

Making Wildflower Magnets for the North Carolina Botanical Garden!