Single mindedness

The real thing you are made for

Now, take off and bloom!

Art Prescription:  What makes you happy? Yep…do that!!!

Watercolor pencils:

Iris 1.jpeg

Hello dear friends,

I’m very excited to announce this upcoming workshop at Galleywinter Farm in Afton Virginia. No art or horse experience required. Just your imagination and time for yourself.

I wanted to share this with you so you can save the date if you are interested.

Art of Noticing 4.jpg

When a clip-clop-clip

A knicker, and hay chomping

Soothe your heart and soul.

Art Prescription:  Doing ground-work today with Finn I was reminded how much I love the sound of his hooves taking step after step. He knickers at me as I approach his paddock, surely food related, but I like to believe it’s because he looks forward to our time together as much as I do.

Finn in the Buttercups iPhoto:

Finn March 26 2017.jpg

Loads of rich green moss

And soft downy rabbit fur

A chickadee nest.

Art Prescription:  It fascinates me that all birds build different nests. Some use twigs and vines, some nest in tree cavities, others build with leaves, moss, fur, and I’ve even seen a snake skin. What a lot of work these winged friends put into their offspring.

Sumi-ink with my chop that says “hope”

Birds chickadee.jpeg

Nestled in the leaves

One stem at a time, then bloom

Fiddleheads salute.

Art Prescription:  With my sketchbook and a box of colored pencils, I headed off to the North Carolina Botanical Garden in search of the ephemeral wildflowers.

Art Journal with pen and ink and colored pencil:

Botanical Garden March 2017.jpg


Tremble in their frame

Delicate ephemerals

Up from frozen ground.

Art Prescription:  About now the banks of creeks are full of blooming Trout Lilies. I adore their delicate nodding heads.

Watercolor 8 1/2 x 11 ( flower drawn and painted at 4x)

Trout Lily full 72.jpg

Humble pie is served

I’ll take a submissive slice

And assume it’s best.

Art Prescription:  Sometimes we learn our best life lessons by taking a step back, being humble, and looking at the big picture.

Index card with watercolor:

Index card humble.jpeg