Smell of fresh tall grass

Sound of breeze in trees, birdsong

Not a cloud in sky.

Art Prescription: All we need to do is observe, and the wonderment of earth never ceases.

Do take care…she is worth it!!

I’ve painted and colored penciled my sketch from yesterday:

Like vines we cling to

Wrap our tendrils around all

That is good and true.

Art Prescription: Thoughts and lessons from the garden.

Pen and Ink in my journal. Maybe paint tomorrow.

White hot-houses full

Big acres of farm raised plants

Family business.

Art Prescription: We, my husband, brother and I, took a road trip east to see some plants at nurseries who have been in business for generations. They are authorized dealers in Encore Azaleas and Knockout Roses.

Riding east the landscape flattens and becomes more sandy. Lots of picturesque barns.

Each nursery had an armory of purple Martin gourds. All that watering produces lots of mosquitos.

Another bug loving bird is the peacock.

Resident bugger:

Out into the woods

Our trusty steeds carried us

The first spring trail ride.

Art Prescription: What fun to go out into the woods on horseback! That’s Finn’s head.

I worked the shadows on my hydrangeas.

Migration of birds

Black crackles pass through screeching

Hummers wait their turn.

Art Prescription: Working on this same theme for a commission. Final will be 24 x 48, so getting proportions right is a challenge.

Watercolor on paper:

Each flower placed with

An intention for wellness

Prayer with nature.

Art Prescription: Today’s art is a Nature mandala.

Two by two they build

Twigs, lichen, moss, and feathers

Pairs of nesting birds.

Art Prescription: Bird’s nests amaze me.