Hi dear blog readers!

Tonight I’m showing you a process… from a nice quiet drawing to adding passion with paint!

I started with tulips my husband bought me. I did a simple drawing using water-colored pencil.

That was fun. Then I went into the watercolor pencils with water and spread the paint a bit.

Still a quiet piece. And I needed to express some emotion!

So, I went back into this drawing with deeper color and bolder marks.

Now, exhale….I like this.

Perched up on the fence

You can see everything

The sunrise and set.

Art Prescription: In life there are many challenges where you see one side of the fence and another sees entirely the others side.

When we are highly emotional it’s hard to see both sides of the fence.

Art Journal:

And right then she knew

That saying No was the best

For self-protection.

Art Prescription: Are you a “yes” Person? Always taking on more? running yourself tired for others?

It’s really nice to help others. It feels good to give.

And…………. know when to say No.

Around forest floor

Spring ephemerals emerge

Delicate petals.

Art Prescription: hiked the North Carolina Botanical Garden trails today with my sketchbook.

I sketched with pen and ink and added watercolor pencil at home.

Art/nature journal:

A little random

Life gives you unexpected

You rise to meet it.

Art Prescription: Working with horses is teaching me so many things!

Rising to meet the energy of a horse is one lesson!

Paint blown on an index card:

My chop says “hope.”

Sometimes you need Ox

To plant seeds for the future

Strong bull medicine.

Art Prescription: watercolor sketch:

Sopranos trio

Rise up behind the cello

Voices high, mighty.

Art Prescription: Went field sketching with my favorite boys!! The wildflowers on the North Carolina Botanical Trails are in bloom!

Trillium aka Sweet Little Betsy

Art Journal: