Found poetry. After I did my collage during a mixed- media art workshop, I found these words.

Thanks Gwen Ware and Moonbird!

In my collage: butterfly wings, bamboo leaves, feathers, graphite illustrations by me, rose petal, layers of medium.

The sight of those rapidly

Wings released

Rise and fly.

Around the corner

Of my friend’s house, a sweet scent

Gift of a posey.

Art Prescription: I received a gift of a sweet posey!


Back and forth she goes

Brings bits of grass in her beak

Male watches over.

Art Prescription: So kind of 50 ‘ s style home-making. The wife makes and maintains the nest. Father helps feed.

Morning smells like soft

Petals glowing in the new

Bird calls and sunshine.

Art Prescription: I think one of my caterpillars is getting ready to J-hang, and start to be a chrysalis.

Meanwhile… watercolor bouquet:

I went to a butterfly workshop today and came home with two new pets, caterpillars!

Art journal:

Freshly cut roses

Delicate, silky petals

A romantic vase.

Art Prescription: I may paint these, but for now just enjoying their pure loveliness!


Wild and free they roam

Soaking in sunshine and rain

The all knowing horse.

Art Prescription: Feel we need some ancient wisdom.

Watercolor sketch: