Ruby-Crowned Kinglet

Hops from branch to branch feeding

In a Bradford Pear.

Art Prescription: such a small and fast moving bird.

Tiny art:

I’m finding my journal a nice place to save the small pieces of daily art. This spread represents winter and spring.

A comb through clover

Reveals the lucky four leaf

Wish upon a star.

Art Prescription: I wish….

Hey you, it’s my hay

Pecking order in horse world

Body language rules.

Art Prescription: So there is a clear pecking order in a horse herd. There is an alpha horse, beta, and omega. In the wild it’s usually a mare who keeps the herd safe.

Horses are gentle creatures by nature and usually communicate with body language, ears laid back. Seldom does it escalate to more. Everyone knows their place.

Here is my horse Finn moving his paddock mate off of “his” hay.

Once he got his way he was happy to graze. She will move to another fresh pile.

The spring forest wakes

Begins to shake off winter

With exuberance.

Art Prescription: After a winter rest, new growth is ready!

Watercolor wet and splashy:

I bury my head

Into your thick, soft horse fur

The roar seeps away.

Art Prescription: art journal sketch:

Leaves crunch under foot

Scent of the earth fills my nose

A gem with each step.

Art Prescription: The wildflowers on the trails are abundant.

Pen and ink and watercolor pencil sketch en plein air.

And now in my studio I added water: