Each whole day offers

An opportunity to

Strive for true balance.

Art Prescription:  Despite his very own water bucket being full of fresh water, Max the barn cat chooses to balance precariously to drink from the horse trough.

He knows balance is involved in knowing what you want, asking for what you need.

Well done Max!

Watercolor sketch:


Dream big and start small

Follow your inspiration

Share it with the world.

Art Prescription:  That is just what the founders of Spoonflower did! My art friends and I took a tour of their facility today and it was very inspirational. Stay tuned for a little write up of our tour, as soon as I can get my head out of the day-dreaming clouds…




Having your ducks in a row

Know where you’re going?

Art Prescription:  I know where I’m going tomorrow!! I’m going for a tour of Spoonflower! And I will be covering my adventure here at the Art Prescription, so stay tuned!! Yip!


Not birds entirely

In contrast with things that sing

The mind and the wind.

Art Prescription:  Sometimes the mind and the wind whip around without direction, a force not to be tamed, but acknowledged.

Abstract watercolor:


Fall, Orange County

The fields, acres of fresh dirt

Tractor tracks remain.

Art Prescription:  As I drive past Maple View Farm on the way home from riding Finn, the fields are so freshly plowed they glow orange.

Index card with watercolor:


As the garden wains

My imagination comes

To stay for winter.

Art Prescription: My favorite way to paint…random chaos, drips and puddles, blooms, that become a wildflower meadow.

8 x 8 watercolor


No wind, waves, ripples

Perfect reflection on pond

Mind like still water.

Art Prescription: Misu no kokoro translates in Japanese to “A mind like still water.” It refers to water taking on a mirror-like quality. Working with horses is like this.

From Mark Rashid’s book “Whole Heart, Whole Horse: Building trust between horse and rider:”

“Put simply, developing a quiet mind allows us to take in and process information in a true and correct manner and then respond appropriately, in a way suited to the situation, provided the situation even needs a response.”

It occurs to me that this applies to every relationship in our lives.

Index card with watercolor and my chop that says “hope.”