A fat little wren

Fluffs up his winter feathers

Dreams of spring color.

Art Prescription: Art journal fun! Staple collage, re-use of works, colored pencil bird.

My face red with wind

Finger-tips tingle with cold

And still I will search.

Art Prescription: Each and every day I search for meaning and gratitude. I often find it in the great outdoors.

Watercolor, my chop says “hope”

Wind through winter leaves

Sounds like a rain storm deluge

Comes strong and passes.

Art Prescription: Quiet walk at Mason Farm. The meadow is ripe with dried seed pods. Saw a Hermit Thrush, the usual Titmouse and Chickadee. Cardinals and woodpeckers sang. The wind comes in with a cold front.

Thick gray fog settles

Over cat-tails and briars

A day ago, ice.

Art Prescription: Fickle weather. Our pond has been ice, someone actually ice-skated! Today a big thaw and fog rolled in to kiss the pond.

Watercolor sketch:

Like a butterfly

Light comes and goes from window

Short, grey, winter days.

Art Prescription: The cold temperatures don’t keep me indoors, but I am more aware of the amount of light that streams through my window.

Here I’ve used a cut-out from a previous small work, and created a new small index card piece.

Simple and expressed my mood:

Little opossum

Your appetite betrayed you

Go free sweet fella.

Art Prescription: So, I caught a possum in my cat trap last night. Poor thing hissed at me. I opened the trap and he stayed for around an hour. I took the trap to the woods and he found his way free. His ears were so pretty and delicate with a pink glow. Guess I’ve never seen a possum this close. Nature… a steady gift.

Blackie, the male I caught yesterday, is doing well after being neutered.