First pass…way overworked, no focal point.

Second pass I over worked the over worked! Where is my mind!?!??!

Then tried a few pen and ink details in frustration.

Painting as process

Emotions pour with color

Catharsis complete

The first day of fall

Summer stubborn to let go

Heat, humidity.

Art Prescription: We took a walk at Merritt’s Pasture. A pretty couple of miles on paved trail, then a loop up a hill for a scenic view.

We could see from watermarks and stranded brush how high the water was during Hurricane Florence.

Art journal:

I listed these sweet Posey’s in my Etsy shop.

Company of cats

Soft purr as breeze rustles leaves

Take a deep breath, sigh.

Art Prescription: Fall parties! celebration! Sound of brakes squealing!

Ugh… I’m such an introvert. I don’t like parties. I don’t like crowds. I don’t like loud music.

Watercolor sketch listening to the birds:

A poem for the trees

Who stood their ground into earth

Backyard sentinels.

Art Prescription: I cannot say enough about how fortunate we are.

Watercolor with my chop that says “hope”

Rain for days, Florence

Blessings for the flood victims

One day at a time.

Art Prescription: My home is safe. Sending many prayers to people east of us.

Art journal/

When you walk your neighbor’s dog and have to give him a wash!