July under tree

I watch my breath in the shade

To find peace in heart.

Art Prescription: Where can you go to find peace?

Mixed media painting: this is a version of what I did for the Brushes with Cancer project.

On a busy day

A simple white posey vase

Will do a soul good.

Art Prescription: simple being…simply being… simple be ing

Insects sing summer

Clicks and buzzes in the fields

Grasshopper takes flight.

Art Prescription: It’s definitely bug season! Bees, ants, mosquitos, praying mantis, beetles, flys, “biting flies!,” hornets, cicadas, dragonflies, we like them, and name what you have in your neck of the woods.

Here is the tree I did earlier. I inked the leaves and tree.

A storm comes in fast

Then leaves revealing clear skies

And we sigh relief.

Art Prescription: Each of us must weather a few storms. Which is why we must be super grateful for the clear skied days.

Art journal w collage, napkins, and watercolor.

Fresh summer veggies

A red Thai curry combo

Stir-fried with white rice.

Art Prescription: yum!

Imperfect is good

A chance to be a human

Just seeking peaceful.

Art Prescription: On any given day where you can just be you, free from any expectations, can you exhale into imperfection?

I did not post last night because I did not like my work. Tore it up and repurposed it for this journal piece. I had stuff to work out. Art Rx!

Embrace your peace.

Art Journal:

Forgiveness is real

A smile like the sun rising

Meeting me half-way.

Art Prescription: What can you forgive? Let go? Move on to next chapter?

Life offers us many chances to be grateful for what we have.