Farrier, dentist

And a new horse to the farm

Sweat rolls down my back.

Art Prescription:  A wonderfully busy day at Blue Skies today! I drove out early hoping to get their before Bodie, the new horse, arrived on a trailer. It was shaping up to be an exciting morning around the barn. Of course Max, the barn cat, was asleep with his legs dangling in the back room.

Bodie arrived and even with all the activity, he got off the trailer cool, calm, and collected. The fact that horses live in the moment is demonstrated over and over again.

So I thought we all might need an ice-cream cone:

8 1/2 x 11 paper painting with watercolor and pen and ink:

Ice-cream cone 72.jpg

A prickly defense

Mixed messages, confusion

Try a little love.

Art Prescription:  Tough times in the US. Beyond the thorny anger is flesh…we are all flesh. Love as far as you can reach.

Red Canna Lily

A bold focal point, backyard

To hummer’s delight.

Art Prescription:  It’s so amazing to find inspiration in your own back-yard!

Index card with colored pencil:

Carolina wrens

Are busy at the feeder

With their new fledglings.

Art Prescription:  We’ve had blue-birds, chickadees, and wrens nest in our bird house this season. I enjoy the distinctive personality of each bird. Now, after the nesting is done, the families come to the feeder together.

Art journal with hand-made journal background and colored pencil sketch:

Braving the big world

Junior wanders on his own

As elders look on.

Art Prescription:  I have lots of friends who are sending their young adults off to college. Not an easy time launching your biddies into the big world. We have to trust that we have instilled in them our good ethics and decision making skills. And somehow when least expected, they will return to say “Thank You.”

Special arrival

“Bass” landed in first class crate

Happy to deplane.

Art Prescription:  I went in my good ole van today with a friend to pick up her sister’s dog at the airport. The family is moving from California to North Carolina and the pup came first. So rewarding to see him tail-wagging to greet us. 

We got home and took a walk with Biscuit, his new roomie. 

Watercolor sketch:

Knowing what you need

Asking for what you want, and

Being true to self.

Art Prescription:  so my journal is my psychiatrist…where I vent with color and strokes. Pure catharsis!