Dream of June garden

Lost in the scent of flowers

Where butterflies fly.

Art Prescription: Played with mixed media on a YES canvas today. Laid acrylic paint down with a brayer, then added some collage and other marks. Then wrote in French, “Look for me in the garden, where butterflies fly and I’m lost in the flowers.”

Acrylic with collage and pen and ink
Butterflies Fly.jpg

February bouquet.jpeg

A big ole’ blue sky

Spreads a glow about the day

In February.

Art Prescription:  Spring-like and beautiful.

8 1/2 x 11 watercolor with watercolor pencils for details:


Guests show up early

The ice sculpture is melting

Jazz band plays softly.

Art Prescription:  Delicate blooms brave an early debut.

8 1/2 x 11 watercolor with colored pencil

Spring Party.jpeg

Girl in pink pickup

She doesn’t sale butterflies

She runs a horse farm.

Art Prescription:  I’d love to have a pink truck!!!

Index card with collage and colored pencil:

Index card pink pickup.jpeg


Cuddle, laugh, repeat

Go on long hikes in the woods

Make morning coffee.

Art Prescription:  Love is simple…love is kind…

Art journal 8 x 8 with watercolor and collage:

Art journal Valentine.jpeg

Red roses and hearts

Line the aisles at the market

In case you forgot!

Art Prescription: Valentine’s merchandise came out the day after Christmas. And now hoping to prey on those late prograsstinators, you cannot ignore the plethora of heart balloons and rose arrangements.

“What’s love got to do with it.”

Index card with watercolor:

Index card love note 5.jpeg


Suddenly it’s spring

A shift in the wind, a tease

Winter is not done.

Art Prescription:  Very spring-like day here in North Carolina. I have a feeling that winter has another round of frigid. Right now…I turned my AC on…in February?

Index card with pen and ink and colored pencil:

Index card daffodil 2.jpeg