That sort of courage

I have seen enough of life

Sacred mystery.

Art Prescription: Mixed-media fun and found poetry. First layer acrylic, next stencils with spray paint, last colored pencils and a watercolor wash.

Not made to be a piece of art! Made to be a process of art. #artprescription

It’s all about the doing.

Thick wool winter socks

Layers of clothes, scarf, mittens

Knitted toboggan.

Art Prescription: Loving long winter hikes. Life is full. Spring will come.

Sharp sun melts the snow

Country roads still treacherous

Life seems to stand still.

Art Prescription: What wonderful snow days! Now major roads are clear and back to work most people go. Their thoughts dream about being stuck and about freedom. Caught between two ideals.

Moody watercolor:

The path a snow trench

Other’s foot-steps carved the way

Around Mason Farm.

Art Prescription: Snow day two and since Sam was off we went on a snow-trek around Mason Farm. The birds were plenty, and it was interesting to guess what animal had left tracks in the snow.


Tree branches bow low

Pray with a blanket of snow

Quiet as a church.

Art Prescription: Cardinals chip looking for sunflower seeds.

Preparing for snow at the farm. Lots of hay to keep horses warm.

Stealing from the hay cart!

A fat little wren

Fluffs up his winter feathers

Dreams of spring color.

Art Prescription: Art journal fun! Staple collage, re-use of works, colored pencil bird.