Did a lesson with Zoe today. She knows horses! Here she is riding Jaeger!

Backyard comes to life

Big pink azaleas bloom

Wear spring apparel.

art Prescription: How much trendier can you get? Pink Azaleas are sporting the most recent, to die for color!

Meanwhile I’m working on more journals.

Morning shadows, leaves

The trees are full now with green

And spring marches on.

Art Prescription:

The smell of fresh grass

Lingers soft between rainstorms

Bees rest under leaves.

Art Prescription: April is living up to her name. Rain is soaking all the new spring growth.

The pasture is full of bright yellow buttercups that glow even on a rainy day.

I’m still entranced with making mini-journals:

Little Birdie Journal 10 pages:

It’s a book, a card

A painted Mother’s Day gift

A mini-journal

Art Prescription: I’ve been creating mini-art journals all day! I did one for my mom, Sam’s mom and two aunts, and another for Etsy.

These mini-journals are a combination of my watercolor paintings and blank pages for others to draw, paint, or collage!

If this speaks to your muse, visit my Etsy shop and I’ll ship it right out!

I’d love to see another artist add to this base.



Steady sound of rain

Big booms of thunder, distant

Yellow pollen pools.

Art Prescription: Had planned a group ride today, but the weather protested. I did yoga and came home to do some spring cleaning.

Okay, rainy days are good for organizing.

Also work in my hand-made mini- journal.


Today I explored making a hand bound tiny journal. I started with some up-cycled art (aka pieces that didn’t inspire), and made a tiny 10 page journal.

I decided to add wildflowers…

Oh yes!! This was fun!