She sits on the pier

Overlooks her cove, the sea

Comes and goes with tides.

Art Prescription:  The seagulls were of course charming…Playing with crayons, so fun!! Try it! Watercolor background and then crayon sketching.

5 x 7 watercolor and crayon


A Digby boat launch

Out into grey-blue waters

Working piece of art.

Art Prescription:  Hi folks! Last two days I’ve had technical difficulty, aka got a new iPhone and don’t know how everything works yet!! In the meantime I’ve finished my first Nova Scotia painting. It’s kind-of intimidating to try and capture the romance and color we saw while there.

Watercolor  and pen and ink 8 1/2 x 11


Still wet from the rain

Cut delicate pink roses

Adorn a glass vase.

Art Prescription:  Oh how I will miss being able to go out into the garden for freshly cut flowers.

Watercolor on 5 x 7 bristol


Book Review

The Art of Play: Ignite Your Imagination to Unlock Insight, Healing, and Joy

by Joan Stanford

When She Writes Press contacted me to do a book review, I did what most people do, I did a search to find out more about them. I liked what I saw and asked for more information. They sent me a press release about Joan Stanford and her new book The Art of Play: Ignite Your Imagination to Unlock Insight, Healing, and Joy. And to my delight her book arrived in the mail.

First I really enjoyed the message and tone of this book as it aligns perfectly with The Art Prescription philosophy. I told my husband, “this is like the book I’ve always wanted to write.” A book about the healing attributes of art with fun prompts to encourage creativity.

The Art of Play invites the reader to return to the childlike quality of seeing the world through our senses. Most important a sense of play. Joan reminds us to listen and pay attention to imagery throughout our day. “Allow yourself to reclaim that lost delight.”

Joan shares her personal journey of rediscovering the joy of making art and talks about ways to overcome our resistance. The book is full of Joan’s poetry and art. I found her images engaging with rich emotion, and her “Process Note,” honest and insightful.

Throughout the book you will find creative suggestions to jump start your muse. This book will resonate with everyone as Joan’s poems and works reflect universal themes of life, growth, fears, loss, and joy. The tips called “Playtime” lean towards art therapy in a way that appeals to anyone wishing to explore the therapeutic benefits of art.

Joan Stanford is a board-certified art therapist and full-time innkeeper who has been facilitating creativity groups for over twenty years, encouraging people of all ages, especially non-artists, to expand their awareness through playing with art materials.

I applaud Joan for bringing this book into print and hope my readers will pick up a copy.



Blossom gone to seed

Beautiful structure remains

Season at it’s end.

Art Prescription:  After several busy days working on landscape commissions, I felt the need to do something simple and soothing. My coneflowers have gone to seed and I find them so beautiful. Two simple tools, a pen and pencil. Peaceful.

Graphite and Pen on Bristol


At the fifth station

I waited in line for gas

We take for granted.

Art Prescription:  Lots of people are going to wake up tomorrow and realize something they take for granted, filling up their gas tank, may not be available to them. I find this a startling event and one that makes me realize how vulnerable we all are.

Index card sketch


Third time is a charm
Patience and lots more paint
Acrylics forgive!

Art Prescription: So you guys know I love watercolor! And I got this commission for a “French floral shop” in acrylic on canvas. Of course I can paint that. Well it’s been a sweet challenge, a large painting with lots of detail. Here it is after painting over and restarting multiple times.