Rain for days, Florence

Blessings for the flood victims

One day at a time.

Art Prescription: My home is safe. Sending many prayers to people east of us.

Art journal/

When you walk your neighbor’s dog and have to give him a wash!

We are safe and sound

Last of the hummingbirds fly

South for the winter.

Art Prescription: I went out to feed the horses in the rain. They are doing well. Their instincts are strong.

Had a few hummers still dipping into my garden, but expect they will move along soon.

Art journal with collage, stamps, and watercolor:

Six little Posey’s

Vase with sunny blooms galore

Joy on cloudy day.

Art Prescription: which of these Posey’s do you like?

Tried different techniques…

Steady tv news

Restless day staying inside

Art journal release.

Art Prescription: Practicing what I preach, my art journal became a place of solace.

Many prayers for our state and families affected by Hurricane Florence.

Longest week ever

Preparing for hurricane

Safety be with all.

Art Prescription: We so take for granted our safety and security, everyday blessings.

I’m sending out hope to our state as Florence approaches.

My horse Finn thinks he has landed in grass paradise as he is moved to safer grounds.

Be safe my boy!

Fall meadow flowers

Sway in wind, pollination

Spreads next year’s spring crop.

Art Prescription: Mother Nature goes on with no control. She is of survival. Strongest of the fittest.

We can learn much from her…