Fresh from the dryer

Still warm to touch as I spread

Clean sheets for tonight.

Art Prescription: Simple luxuries bring me pleasure. Clean sheets and cuddly blankets! What else does a girl need?

Brush painting on an index card, my chop “hope”

In the tops of trees

Bluebirds and cardinals sing

Their way through winter.

Art Prescription: tiny journal with graphite and blue-ballpoint pen,

Busy day taking care of horses. Cold and rainy. Still these creatures move me.

Busy Collage:


Weather forecast, snow

Cold, cloudy, grey, bare branches

And I love it all!

Art Prescription: So I headed out to the horses this morning like the Pillsbury Dough Boy, bundled in many layers to stay warm. 22 degrees. People up north think that’s a heat wave!

The sun was bright, and I do love the trees in winter.


New doggy portrait. Lots of details left…and what color will I paint the background??

Meadow buttercups

Rise up around wooden fence

Sturdy in winter.

Art Prescription: So far its been a mild, but excessively rainy winter. Buttercups and purple nettle are in bloom.

Index card with mixed-media:

Feather on my walk

A found work of delicate

Reminder of hope.

Art Prescription: colored pencil with my chop that says “hope”