Rain drops swirl side-ways

Multi-color umbrellas

And bright rubber boots.

Art Prescription: Oh it’s been a wet week in NC.

So I reworked yesterday’s painting:

Remember when you

Made marks on a page for fun

Color just because.

Art Prescription: well why don’t you try that again! It may lower your heart rate and blood pressure, and boost your feel good brain chemicals.

Go ahead… it’s winter and grey… add some color to your day.

Acrylic and crayon:

A turn back to home

My steady gait leads the way

With you on my back.

Art Prescription: trust

Thread crosses feathers

A line across intricate

A plan for shear flight.

Art Prescription : So lovely to have some time to

Art journal. I stitched some feathers and went from there…

Fresh cut zinnias

Butterfly wings and bird’s nests

My favorite things.

Art Prescription: Had a great day sharing art at my Open Studio.

My Open Studio is tomorrow! I’m looking forward to sharing the joy of what inspires me with others!

A lone iris blooms

It’s November already

A lone iris bloom?

Art Prescription: A blooming iris in November is beautiful, but out of season?

Watercolor pencils on index card: