Fall color has left

Winter grey and bare branches

Line the wooded fields.

Art Prescription:  And I find them beautiful and soft and quiet. Winter is the Yin season. Time to go within and seek fulfillment of the heart. What is your heart asking of you? Are you listening…


Trees winter.jpeg

A cold front moves in

Temperatures plumet down

Tropics in my mind.

Art Prescription:  Plumeria watercolor and pen and ink:

Sunset Plumeria I 72.jpg

Flamingoes came back

A second studio stroll

Dancing on water.

Art Prescription:  I returned to my flamingoes again this morning. This time I planned my compositions for a paired painting. I started with a sketch to make sure I liked my placement of each bird, then did a very watery background. I took my time building up color on each bird, and finally added watery reflections. I’m happy with these paintings!!

Sunset Flamingoes I 72.jpgSunset Flamingoes II 72.jpg

When flamingoes play

You have a great idea! And

It’s a DO OVER!!

Art Prescription:  Busy days lead to hurried and unplanned paintings. Sometimes slapping paint on paper works, and other times it doesn’t. So I’m just going to call this a sketch for a larger work and learn from my mistakes:

-no clear focal point

-too much the same color and value

-poor depth perception

-who’s in front and who’s behind (value and saturation)

-incorrect anatomical drawing

Chime in if you have a suggestion. I plan to try again today…stay tuned!

Sunset Palms II 1.jpeg

When winter cold comes

Sit by a fire, imagine

A warm paradise.

Art Prescription:  I actually love winter, the sculptural bareness of trees. And lots of friends are going on cruises to escape winter.

Watercolor pair work in progress:

palms 2.jpg

Cold rainy Sunday

Christmas tree lights on all day

Warm and cozy couch.

Art Prescription:  After a busy Saturday, it was nice to rest on the couch a bit. Of course I had furry company.

8 x 8 watercolor

Rainy floral.jpeg

Jingle bell halters

French braided tails with bright bows

Holiday horses.