Yellow Roses bloom

You are not here to smell them

They grew from your love.

Art Prescription: In memory:

Art Journal Collage:

Came in through the door

Hovered at windows, wings beat

Set free into blue.

Art Prescription: I’ve had two hummingbird encounters this week. First was a female who flew into my open-door studio. She allowed me to help her out.

Second a hummingbird who had collapsed at a neighbor’s. Moved into open air that one took off as well.

Hummers are a sign of pure joy. Thank you Mother Nature!

Colored pencil on index card:

While the horses wait patiently to go out to pasture, these guys were sitting pretty!

Have a great weekend,


Finally release

Thunder booms, rain pounds the ground

Air smells of wet grass.

Art Prescription: Busy day wearing many hats. RN, artist, horse mom.

I had a request to rework a previous painting.

And here is “Fryer,” the ox:

July canopy

Heat moves through layers of clothes

Sweat rolls down my cheek.

Life gets wild some days

Pushes us to the edge, and

Then it’s a new day.

Art Prescription: Thank you all for all your support! Finn is much better today, and my farrier came and confirmed he has a hoof abscess.

Good news! this will heal!

Blown watercolor in Art Journal:

My dear horse is lame

Cannot put weight, back Left hoof

Please send healing waves.

Art Prescription: