Cool, crisp air, hits cheeks

Sun sinks, the cold settles in

I look for my gloves.

Art Prescription: Farrier day at farm. Bright warm December sun.

As the sun went down the temperature dropped 20 degrees!

Art journal with watercolor, swirly trees:

Hi y’all,

Here’s my final portrait of Flint. He is a surprise Christmas gift. I hope I did the owner proud.

Frozen in place, sunk

Horse stands still, I slide sideways

In boot sucking mud!

Art Prescription: So while I was horsing around I took a dip in the mud. I just have to laugh and carry on.

The horses were grateful for dry hay into their run-in sheds.

Feeling the holiday spirit I did a little mixed media painting:

Lots of fur jackets

File onto bus where it’s warm

Ride to and from work.

Art Prescription: I take the bus up to the UNC Hospitals campus for work. I’m helping out while they are short. Just one day a week…

Here are a couple of pen and ink sketches I did going and coming home. Drawing on a moving vehicle is not perfect.

Spent my afternoon giving the horses extra hay for this cold weather. Finn was glad to see me. Sweetest boy ever!

I love this black and white!

A flicker of red

Lands on feeder with presence

Heaven’s visitor.

Art Prescription: I got an Etsy order for a set of Cardinals. I’m sold out except for eight cards. I asked the buyer if I could send two other designs to complete the set.

He said they are for his wife and their son died nine years ago. Each time she sees a cardinal, she feels he is visiting.

I painted two original cards just for her.

I’m honored.