So many choices

For this one wonderful life

You’ll know when it’s right.

Art Prescription: I took this photo this morning on the way to the farm. The light was beautiful. My iPhone would have to do.

Ninety degree day

The mall parking lot is packed

With work and spend minds.

Art Prescription: It’s the American way. Work hard, complain about working so hard, buy new stuff!

How did we get to be such a commercial society?

It’s interesting, really, what people think makes them happy…

I did see a really sweet chair in Pier One…

Very sketchy sketch:

In the bright meadow

Full of bees and butterflies

Spirits roam freely.

Art Prescription: No matter what your religious faith is, it’s nice to think of souls going to a place of peace and happiness.

Watercolor wash: I may add…

Life, about layers

Hardship and joy and long days

And the years go fast.

Art Prescription: A meditative collage of what’s on my desk:

So I did this sketch with watercolor pencils… then brushed with water:

Then I went back in with pen and ink…

Less or more? Still seems too quiet …

A time to grow tall

A time to bloom with being

A time to move on.

Art Prescription: For everything there is a season… no truer words.

While walking on a trail recently it occurred to me that each and every flower, leaf, stem, or bird, is perfectly content.

They need nothing else in life but sunshine and rain.

Here I’ve sketched my up and coming cone-flowers with water soluble crayons: