How do you pick one?

A name for an entire life

Records of all sorts.

Art Prescription: what’s in a name?

Started this custom baby name…

Now to think of what goes on each letter…


Zero six hundred

Alarm clock with intention

No option for snooze.

Art Prescription: Is there anything more persistent than a pet wanting attention or food?

Just as I was in my final REMS sleep having a nice dream, my head became the place for early morning biscuits.

Now at the end of the day…he moderates Art…

Carefree summer days

Bike-ride under cool green shade

Singing as tires spin.

Art Prescription: Not a care in the world we ride in tandem with our best friends. We are oblivious to the future, no worries about the past. We are just soaring on wheels with our hair flying on our way to somewhere.

Art journal with pen and ink and watercolor:

Sun through window, stretch

Coffee steam rises from cup

Bird’s feed their offspring.

Art Prescription: Each new day offers us a chance to live to the fullest.

The simple moments seem to bring immense joy.