Super blood wolf moon

Powerful, transformative

Glow over the earth.

Art Prescription: I’m sitting out on the deck in an Adirondack chair covered in a thick blanket as the temperature continues to drop. 18 degrees tonight!

So tired last night I didn’t post. I did paint over a doodle sheet with acrylics. Random color, nothing specific.

I found a corner I liked and cut it out. Used colored pencil to finish this small work. Made me happy!

Along rows of trees

Mossy stumps glow in grey light

Ferns rise fleshy green.

Art Prescription : lovely winter hike on ncbg trails down to Elephant Rock.

Saw lots of winter birds!

Better together

Walk the path with someone nice

Stop and sniff the weeds.

Art Prescription: we can learn so much from our animals!

Painting multiple dogs in a single portrait is hard!! This afternoon I declared this a disaster and planned to start over.

Then I began to patiently add shadow and let’s see how I feel in the morning!

Long lived day…

Fresh from the dryer

Still warm to touch as I spread

Clean sheets for tonight.

Art Prescription: Simple luxuries bring me pleasure. Clean sheets and cuddly blankets! What else does a girl need?

Brush painting on an index card, my chop “hope”

In the tops of trees

Bluebirds and cardinals sing

Their way through winter.

Art Prescription: tiny journal with graphite and blue-ballpoint pen,

Busy day taking care of horses. Cold and rainy. Still these creatures move me.

Busy Collage: