Big bright yellow blooms

Rain pelts streets and lawns, heavy

Daffodils bend, wet.

Art Prescription:

Catch the eight-fifteen

You get up every morning

The bus is too warm.

Art Prescription: Worked my RN job today. Good to use the other side of my brain.

Home to work on a commission for five UNC Ramses paintings.

Doing it assembly line style. While one is drying I paint the next.

Works in progress:

The mockingbird sings

She is determined to chase

Cold and rain away.

Art Prescription: watercolor in my tiny journal.

Coffee stains in bed

Pulls the comforter closer

Turns the page of book

Art Prescription: Cold, grey, rainy day. As I drag myself over to the pool to swim, I have thoughts of staying cuddled in bed reading.

Two cats would surely join me with approval.

Alas…one must make good choices.

This piece did start with coffee stains. I noticed the paper towel under my morning cup. I cut some “flowers” out, glued them into my journal and added background.

Art Journal with coffee stained paper towel and watercolor:

Put on a sweatshirt

Then flannel pajama pants

Still cold in the house.

Art Prescription: I’ve worked on a commission today. It’s coming along.

To relax I drew this pattern with my Caran D’ache crayons.

The cycle of life

Smell from a burning wood fire

Spring rumbles beneath.

Art Prescription: The smell of a wood fire. Warmth. Cozy. Winter.

Daffodils are blooming. Soon spring ephemerals will follow.

Mixed media:

A wildflower patch

Fresh green leaves and pink blossoms

Rise from winter’s grip.

Art Prescription: Now is the time to begin looking for spring ephemeral wildflowers.

Before the forest leaves branch out and shade the sun, these delicate blooms dot the forest floor with glee.

Along roads and in pastures: