Four-thirty Bard Owls

Calling off territory

For their nightly hunt.

Art Prescription: Lovely day for field sketching!

Art journal workshop

A day spent with your girlfriend

Muffin, chai latte.

Art Prescription: Went to an art workshop in Greensboro with a friend. Fun, eclectic shop, and nice art-making environment. I had fun using provided papers and stencils!

A walk in the woods

All of our senses tuned in

Spring’s gentle whisper.

Art Prescription: Went field sketching with some great kids! They can find an entire world on the ground. It was so warm for February, and wildflowers are pushing up. They collected a few favorites.

Pen and ink field sketch:

A day like today

Seems nature’s about to burst

Into a spring fling.

Art Prescription: What are you noticing in your environment? Here in North Carolina our spring begins to show in February. The birds are actively looking for places to build nests.

Watercolor and pen and ink:

Not usual red

But does it really matter?

This notion of love?

Art Prescription: Bouquet in teal:

A longstanding love

Compromise and tolerance

How to stay married.

Art Prescription: Love is a splendid thing! Kindness and patience carries a marriage for years. He makes my coffee, I make him dinner, together we carry the world.

Life is so fleeting

I want to save the moments

Measured in a cup.

Art Prescription: How on earth can we measure experience?

Index card with collage: