Flip-flap of bare feet

Last day of September now

Trees full of black birds.

Art Prescription:  As the birds fly south for winter, children spend their final days running in bare-feet. Soon they will need a jacket and gloves. I love the changing of seasons. Like life everything ebbs and flows.

Acrylic and watercolor


Fall meditation

Morning walk, collection, gifts

From nature’s bearings.

Art Prescription:  Who doesn’t love a collection? Eyes to the ground on my morning walk, I found much to collect and arrange.



A mare and her foal

Tender moment by the woods

Motherly essence.

Art Prescription:  Spent my morning at the farm riding Finn with my Women’s Intuitive Riding group. I always leave there floating on air, as if every worry in my world has evaporated into the ethers.

I think I’m finished with this mare and her foal. Feedback welcome…

8 1/2 x 11 watercolor


All about romance

You leave a hidden love note

For them to find love.

Art Prescription:  After 25 years of marriage I still love a hand-written note from my husband! Even if its “put the clothes in the dryer.” In this day of digital communications a piece of paper with hand-writing speaks to our hearts. We see the individual and their hand, different for every person in the world, like fingerprints.

Index card with watercolor:


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Hot and sour soup

Fresh grated ginger, garlic

Shitake mushroom

Art Prescription:  Good for fall sniffles…

Index card:


She sits on the pier

Overlooks her cove, the sea

Comes and goes with tides.

Art Prescription:  The seagulls were of course charming…Playing with crayons, so fun!! Try it! Watercolor background and then crayon sketching.

5 x 7 watercolor and crayon


A Digby boat launch

Out into grey-blue waters

Working piece of art.

Art Prescription:  Hi folks! Last two days I’ve had technical difficulty, aka got a new iPhone and don’t know how everything works yet!! In the meantime I’ve finished my first Nova Scotia painting. It’s kind-of intimidating to try and capture the romance and color we saw while there.

Watercolor  and pen and ink 8 1/2 x 11