Vacation photo

Not mine, but someone else’s

I go there with paint.

Art Prescription: A friend of mine recently vacationed in Greece. Oh what a glorious time she had. Vacation envy, lol!

Here I’ve done a quick watercolor and pen and ink sketch. Love to do a more detailed painting.

Sweet Cow

She has big brown eyes

Spends her time grazing on grass

Is happy with life.

Art Prescription: In these turbulent times can we learn from our animal companions?

They do seem to live in the moment.

I think this sweet cow is done.

Acrylic on canvas. Will list in my Etsy shop.


Warm sun on my back

My hips sway in the saddle

Keep time with my horse.

Art Prescription: Nothing like a relaxing ride on a fall day!

Watercolor sketch: