For those of you who have followed my feral cat story, today was tragic.

Elbee the female who I rescued two liters of kittens and finally trapped her for spaying, was hit by a careless driver this morning.

Her injuries were extensive and we had to say good bye.

We held her, for the only time in her life, while we let her go in peace.

I’m so sad and angry. One second of carelessness while speeding or checking a phone can change a life.

Sam wrote this haiku:

Love in my life lost

Glad you let me hold you once

Elbee RIP

The Diva Chronicles

Hi friends,

So here I am moving into a North Carolina fall.

I really like hiking!

Me and Matisse agree to not talk politics.
I’m pretty happy getting belly pets.
And I like to play at bedtime!

Basically I’m a happy dog!