New Trail

A new walking trail

Ruby-crowned kinglet and hawk

And a hermit thrush.

Art Prescription: we ventured out today on a new local trail. It’s a paved walking trail and it wanders into wooded wetlands.

Wish I had my binoculars!!!


Cozy purr buddy

Contentment at my bedtime

Keeps me company.

Art Prescription: Anyone with a fur baby knows the satisfaction of having them by your side.

Simple pleasures.

Pen and ink sketch:


Psychedelic dreams

Toss and turn, and turn and toss

Downloading message.

Art Prescription: Do you have nights where your brain feels like it’s trying to solve all your issues??

Tiny painting on a tea bag:

New Year

Love always protects

Always trusts, always hopes, and

Lives in honest.

Art Prescription: As we go into the new year it seems the most important thing is trust.

Trust in our most intimate relationships and trust in our fellow friends and family.

Without trust we have no foundation for stability.

I wish you all a very Happy New Year of health and truth!

With love,


Mixed media with tea bags, hand painted, collage, and stitching!!