The June sun beckons

Invites a flower to bloom

In all its glory.

Art Prescription: What if we simply invite others into our lives? We give them space to be them, they give us space to be us.

Different and the same…

Leaving chrysalis

Adjusting to new big world

While my new wings dry.

Art Prescription: Just newly emerged from it’s chrysalis, this Black Wing Swallowtail takes its first steps as a butterfly.

Left to meander

To reach towards the bright sunlight

To be part of whole.

Art Prescription: This weeks news of two bright lights being snuffed out by their own hand is alarming. Sure it happens daily and does not make the news reports.

In this digital age I’m aware more than ever of reaching out, creating community, forming circles of prayer, meditation, yoga.

Human beings need connection!

Friends since we were two

Live half-a-world apart now

Creek runs to the sea.

Art Prescription: After talking for an hour with my friend, I started this painting and the background is very wet. Patience is required here.

Like a life-long friendship, I want to pay attention to keeping the delicate light.

Purple Finch on eggs

She occasionally lifts

To re-situate.

Art Prescription: started sketching… House Finch? Or Purple Finch? Had to change my haiku.

Art journal:

Here comes rain again

Falling on my head like a

Brand new devotion.

Art Prescription: art journal

I may accept you

Allow you to pet and love

On me, on my terms.

Art Prescription : Animal medicine…