Underneath bamboo

Place to rest, shade for the day

Watch path of the moon.

Art Prescription:  A place can be so different depending on the time of day or night.


Full Moon.jpeg


Something old and new

Years of age and a fresh bloom

Each tells a story.

Art Prescription:  Another piece using a 1903 ledger from Carrboro, North Carolina. These dusty pages tell a story. So I picked a few of my freshly bloomed flowers…and here is the conversation…

Art Rx Journal page 2 72.jpg

A vintage ledger

A glimpse of nineteen hundred

Hand-written account.

Art Prescription:  So I was gifted this 1903 ledger, a store from Carrboro, North Carolina. Flipping through the pages gives me the chills as I realize how far we’ve come, and what we have lost. Lost are hand-written records with beautiful penmanship, lost are solid articles you can hold and feel, lost are things packed away for finding later. Digital means it’s all somewhere.

Art Journal Page 8 1/2 x 11 (available in my Etsy shop)

Art Rx Scrapbook paper buttons.jpeg


Cold, chill to the bone

Steady drizzle and down-pours

Early springs revenge.

Art Prescription:  So we have had record high temperatures, and now we are having record low temperatures.

Index card with watercolor and colored pencil:

Index card rainy March.jpeg

A light snow dusting

Frosted wildflowers, spring trees

With a white layer.

Art Prescription:  A morning snow put spring on hold, but by afternoon the birds were moving on to their business.

Index card with watercolor and my chop “hope.”

Index card purple dead nettle.jpeg

Sway, perch, sweep, and swarm

All signs of springs arrival

On watch by the lake.

Art Prescription:  Went to walk in the woods by a lake. Found a full bank of Trout Lilly’s ready to burst open. Lots of birds doing their spring thing.

Index card with collage and sewing:

Index card butterfly 1.jpeg