As life whizzes by

Perhaps we should get out our

Amazing color.

Art Prescription: ¬†Because no two days are alike…and why would you want to wait anyways to show your best, your truth, your individuality. It’s a fast ride, so fasten your seatbelt and feel everything.

Watercolor 8 1/2 x 11

Goldfinch August 72.jpg

In the stillness

A moment in the garden

Cool August weather.

Art Prescription: art journal collage.

A streak of gold lands

End of the season seed heads

Of pink cone-flower.

Art Prescription:  I love to hear the high pitched chirps of Goldfinches. This time of year they are bright canary yellow with a striking black head and tail. They enjoy feeding on the seeds of echinacea, pink cone-flower.

Watercolor sketch:

Along the woods edge

Timid pair of white-tailed deer

Venture out to graze.

Art Prescription: ¬†Sheer beauty…watercolor:


Along the river

Lies a sandy path for miles

Water babbles through.

Art Prescription:  We took a day trip close to home to Saxapahaw, a historic river mill village. Now the brick buildings host small thriving shops and river loft condos. We meandered behind the buildings and found a wonderful trail. Turns out this trail runs 70 miles. So many treasures to discover right here st home.

Art journal with collage and watercolor:

Hummers flutter by

Not sure if my pink robe is

Friend or sweet nectar.

Art Prescription:  For several moments a hummingbird fluttered a foot away from me. She was not sure if I was friend or foe.

And Blackie the stray feral cat let me pet his head.

Love is…really.

A mating pair of hummingbird moths, iPhoto: