Caught in the crossfire

You stand like a sitting duck

Cut as low as grass.

Art Prescription: We have all experienced being on the firing end of someone else’s anger. It feels horrible, self-esteem sinks, and leaves us wondering, what was that all about?

We slink home, wallow in self-doubt, go for a walk….

A few steps into

The garden reveals a mass

Of native flowers.

Art Prescription: Sketched at the North Carolina Botanical Garden today on index cards with pen and ink and colored pencil.

Hummer, the subject

So many lines and flowers

Planning a painting.

Art Prescription: This is a mock up design on newsprint to see if I like the composition. The hummingbird should be the focal point.

Sit with me a while

In the sun and fresh spring air

Know what this is, be.

Art Prescription: Life is a complex journey. How would you feel to sit in a field of wildflowers in the sun? Inhale…exhale…


Cold front, April snow?

Pink petals spiral on street

As trees bend to wind.

Art Prescription: In my quest to find balance and happiness in this one precious life, I truly believe what we focus on is what we get. That being said, I’ve been awake since about 2 am because I chose to eat not one, but two ice-cream sandwiches after dinner last night.

Art journal with mixed-media:

I’m so grateful for the friends I’ve made in the blogosphere. I appreciate your every like and comment.

Rode my boy Finn today and then he got a grassy treat. We have to let them out slow on this rich spring grass which is full of sugar.

He dove into the ripe green taking big mouthfuls.