Half-full, half-empty

These vessels we carry through

How we live each day.

Art Prescription: How we live each day builds into how we live our lives. I’m doing a lot of thinking these days about how what we think about comes to us.

I’m trying to incorporate more positive thinking into my days.

What do you do?

A burst of color

Zinnias cut for posey

Serenity now.

Art Prescription: one of the hardest principles in life is to be non-judge mental and allow others to live their life. Yes, we think we know what’s best and how they should change. Problem is we spend all that energy on things we cannot change. Serenity now.

Pen and ink sketch with watercolor:

And just when the sun

Broke through the rainy-day clouds

Did the Canna bloom.

Art Prescription: pen and ink and watercolor:

Rain, thunder, and rain

Dramatic skies, clouds billow


Art Prescription: And Horses like to run in the wind!

Lines and angles of

Love in the shape of a cat

Who joins you in bed?

Art Prescription: These quick gestural marks capture a 2 second feel for my subject. The art of observation is fun. To watch a cat move and take a bath is worthy of a ballet.

Pen and ink sketching ad lib:

Roam if you want to

Across the expanse of blue

Sky and rich green earth.

Art Prescription: ode to the B 52’s

Horse sketch with graphite, watercolor, pen and ink:

Moist raindrops glisten

On a deep green bamboo leaf

A hint of Autumn.

Art Prescription: The last day of July, can you believe it?

I do see signs of the seasons changing…

Watercolor with my chop that says “hope”