Not usual red

But does it really matter?

This notion of love?

Art Prescription: Bouquet in teal:

A longstanding love

Compromise and tolerance

How to stay married.

Art Prescription: Love is a splendid thing! Kindness and patience carries a marriage for years. He makes my coffee, I make him dinner, together we carry the world.

Life is so fleeting

I want to save the moments

Measured in a cup.

Art Prescription: How on earth can we measure experience?

Index card with collage:

A thick fog settles

February warm front moves

Moist air, sopping soil.

Art Prescription: Grey and wet.


First there was one cow

I stood quiet by the fence

They were curious.

Art Prescription: A misty day. After feeding the horses hay, I stopped to say hello to the Maple View cows. At first one cow came to greet me, then the herd became interested.

Life is a journey

Where you can howl at the moon

And know you belong.

Art Prescription: art journal

Lip smacking good hay

Pulled up like spaghetti strands

Smells like gold sunshine.

Art Prescription: All else fades away as I listen to 13 horses eat evening hay. A bird twitters by, a mourning dove coos, a distant dog barks. Time stands still in the pasture with the horses and their hay.