Yoga and Art Journal Retreat

What a beautiful day! Our retreat was amazing. Wonderful group of people who came out to stretch their minds and bodies.

Thank you Sam Sather my yoga partner!

Our intro to the day was to have participants fill in, “If I were growing in a winter garden, I would…”

Their spontaneous answers were poetic!

If I were growing in a winter garden, I would…

Be buried




A refuge

A beauty berry


Under a row, covered

A vine up a tree

By a house with lots of people

Turning in compost

A red twig of Dogwood

Peace, serenity

A bulb hibernating

A welcome to birds and squirrels

By flowing water

A shelter.

Fall Walk: Tiny Journal

Thwack!! acorn hits ground

Robins chortle down the sun

Geese take off for roost.

Art Prescription: Busy, busy… I’m co-teaching a Yoga and Art Journaling Retreat this Saturday at the North Carolina Botanical Garden. Super excited!!

Busy preparing so my tiny Journal is the perfect remedy for a little art fix!



Dogs bark at the moon

Wonder why dinner is late

No one likes time change!!!!!!

Art Prescription: Who benefits from time change?

Everyone I know does not like it!!

Why isn’t this something we vote about?

Art journal: mixed-media: