The Diva Chronicles

Diva is adjusting well…

Well, not so much for walking during this cold snap.egad

Just weeks ago she had her nails painted red, living the high life in Las Vegas.

Today she got to get in touch with her inner farm dog.

And there are consequences to rolling in horse poop…

Winter Beauty

Even in the still

Quiet decay of dried leaves

Lies winter beauty.

Art Prescription: In need of some quiet and solitude, I took off to the woods.

Among winter trees, green moss, and lichen my mind was able to get peaceful.

There is always a treasure in the woods…


This horse loves water

Two feet splash in a clean trough

And a pond! What joy!

Art Prescription: I’ve been working on this portrait of Splash for a while. He is a heart horse and very dear to most people who knew him.

I really wanted to capture his spirit.

What a love! Here he is “splashing” in a pond.

Watercolor Pencil Play

Today I decided to do a sketch and use watercolor pencil to fill in color.

Here’s my dry sketch. Graphite drawing, then layered in colored pencil.

Then I added water. I dipped a round brush into water and spread the pencil marks around.

I’ll stop here for now and will probably add more tomorrow:

Art Journal Page

All things lead to change

Life is about beginnings

And also endings.

Art Prescription: But, wait a minute!! Endings are not always sad!

In fact when one thing ends it often opens the door for a new beginning!

Look for new opportunities!

Journal page mixed media: