Hold tight to pillows

Hoping to fall deep asleep

Wrestling with covers

Art Prescription: Do the voices in your head keep you awake at night?

I sometimes feel I’m holding onto pillows for dear life…. to “fall” asleep.


What’s working inside?

Are your gears turning, well greased

Life is amazing!

My great hubby broke apart my sewing machine to fix it. I kind of think like so many people we cannot fix their life.

They must find the energy or interested to make their day after day good.

Light Breeze

With open windows

A light breeze moves inside house

Clearing summer’s still.

Art Prescription: it’s so wonderful to have windows open! Great walking weather.

I listed this cute snowman Stitch Kit in my Etsy shop!

Watercolor in the Garden

I led a watercolor sketching class this morning at the NC Botanical Garden.

We wore masks and practiced social distancing.

And oh how wonderful to be in a place full of beauty.

I did quick demos of three techniques: watercolor brush, watercolor pencil, and negative painting.

Here is my demo piece reworked with layers of watercolor and pen and ink.