Green with bits of red

Leaves hang on for their last days

Then float softly down.

Art Prescription: seems so much of life is going with the flow. And isn’t nice to have a positive forecast!

I do believe our thoughts are important and thinking positive and expressing gratitude help us through our days.

Art Journal Watercolor:

Front Porch Sketch

Adirondack chairs

A white pumpkin adorns porch

Sun slips behind trees.

Art Prescription: Finally a fall-like day. Rode Finn and worked in yard. Remember my feral cat saga…here is “Blackie,” the male. He will let me pet him now. The female is cautiously getting closer.

Pen and ink in journal:

A Little Fall

Tall grasses and pods

Wave in warm September breeze

Just a little fall.

Art Prescription: still a two-shower day!

Went up to the North Carolina Botanical Garden to get some hummingbird pictures before they migrate.

The colors hint of a little fall.

Art Journal:


Sometimes we need to

Bow our heads for a prayer

And ask for healing.

Art Prescription: What else can you do after you learn your dear friend has lost her husband? A sudden event while hiking.

Stunned, sad, overwhelmed…