Paint Swatch Cats

Cool breeze rustles leaves

Fed, the cats lick their moist paws

Another sunset.

Art Prescription: I painted some fall color swatches in my journal.

Once dry I sketched cat gestures with a pen.

My feral cats are becoming more trusting.

Clean Sheets

Warm from the dryer

Sheets smell fresh and feel so soft

I cuddle in bed.

Art Prescription: I covet my bedtime. Research shows sleep is a factor in good health.

I wash my sheets in essential oils of lavender and patchouli.

Nice ride on a fall day.

Pen and ink sketch:

Long Trail

Looking down long trail

As the path gets more narrow

There are things you drop.

Art Prescription: Today we hiked new trails. I have a lot of friends in some life transition.

Life is a long trail.

And there are people, places, or events that you must leave behind and carry on and up.

Here is my journal background with added acrylic paint.


Vacation photo

Not mine, but someone else’s

I go there with paint.

Art Prescription: A friend of mine recently vacationed in Greece. Oh what a glorious time she had. Vacation envy, lol!

Here I’ve done a quick watercolor and pen and ink sketch. Love to do a more detailed painting.