Worse before better

A mound of things from closet

Trash, save, or Goodwill.

Art Prescription: Organizing sure does sooth nerves. At first not so much, as you pull everything out of the closet.

Going in deep now. Just how many gift bags are in there?

Running a business from home has challenges… one is organizing.

Just shipped this custom painting:

Art Journal

What you are seeking is waiting for you.


Our souls in our human bodies always seek peace. You can’t get there from here, so to speak… You have to do the work. You can’t cover a hole with air.

New hand-bound art journal made with an original painting, vintage wallpaper, and brown shipping paper. What fun! One of a kind. Will list on Etsy.


A jacket in June?

Warm layers for rainy walk

Smell gardenias.

Art Prescription: I don’t ever remember needing a jacket in June. It’s usually sweltering hot.

This is a pattern made from acrylic paint, a stencil, and colored pencil. Now I’ve made mini cards to go in my Stitch Kits.

Cool June

Cool and rainy June

Pitter-patter, rain on roof

Studio lights warm.

Art Prescription: I actually love this kind of day. So cozy in my studio with doors flung open to watch birds at the feeder.

I’m working on a commission:


White Gardenias

Sweet perfume in the garden

Petals velvet soft

Art Prescription: The scent of gardenias is unmatched. Their sweet perfume will follow you around the garden.

I did a simple pen and ink sketch on blue card stock…. just the basics, soothing.