The Diva Chronicals

So, life goes on as we try to adjust to having Diva, the four pound Chihuahua, as part of our family.

She shakes much of the time. We think this is a Chihuahua thing. She has very fashionable outwear, even coats with hoods!

She is learning to dry her feet on a towel by the door. I’m not used to having to vacuum more often! LOL!

All things considered, everyone is doing their best.

Bath day…

Walk in the Woods

Walk in the deep woods

Winter birds call, bare branches

Scent is fresh, primal.

Art Prescription: Except for swimming, a walk in solitude does me much good.

With no distraction, I take step by step, and my mind wanders freely.

Home to studio I worked on these peonies. I’m trying to slow down and not rush a painting.


I woke up this morning and thought my painting was too yellow.

I reworked it with cream and tried to add a bit more drama with gradations of darks.

Guess I’ll look in the morning to see if I’m satisfied.

Mixed media:

Winter Weather

Steady group of clouds

Rain pelts or mists with cold wind

Winter weather day.

Art Prescription: Well, it could be snow… all this rain.

Thankful to have a warm pool to swim laps in, and a place to do yoga.

Winter bouquet:

Backyard Owls

Two Great-horned owls call

White moon shines through tall pines boughs

Just then…one takes flight.

Art Prescription: I sat out on the deck bundled with a throw and read for a while.

Once in I heard the calls of two great- horned owls. So close.

Watercolor sketch in my journal: