Wheat grows beside grass

They share the same soil, water

There is enough sun.

Art Prescription: This is a fun mark making journal page where everything goes!!

I used pen, watercolor, and colored pencils.

So freeing..,

There is enough. There is enough for all.! Speak oceans of gratitude that there is plenty! Create what your muse desires.

First Layer

Hi Y’all,

I’m working with collage on canvas and not sure what the next step will be.

I like the looks of this on its own as a card or perhaps a journal cover.

For a finished piece of wall art I need to add a focal point.

Feather? bird?

Thanks for visiting my blog!

I appreciate you guys and all your comments!



Journal Time

Pick up piece of life

Glue onto paper and find

The next little clue.

Art Prescription: Life is a Collage at best. Pieces of our story, dreams, failures, successes, a complete being.

Art journal: