Working on some journals…

Creativity is the answer to living life in the moment.

So many things we cannot control. We can wring our hands and heart, or pour our soul into creation.

Field Sketching

One of my favorite things…field sketching.

I took off with my backpack of sketchbook, watercolor pencils, and my water brush.

I hiked the trails at the NC Botanical gardens. So many wildflowers blooming.

I picked a spot and sketched;

Trout Lily

Walked more for spring ephemerals:

Horse Trainer

She gives confidence

Mounts your horse to demonstrate

Shows you on horseback.

Art Prescription: the horse world is big, and the training community very opinionated.

In my limited experience I’ve found one truth. If your trainer cannot mount your horse and demonstrate what he/she is teaching then how must I learn from commands from the ground??

I want to know my trainer can ride my horse before she criticizes me! Giddy up!

New journal on Etsy!

Blue Bird

The blue birds of hope

Have landed in my bird box

She will build a nest.

Art Prescription: Nature is such a wonderful reminder of how life is so beautiful. Sam built me a new blue bird box and a pair is looking today!!

Tea bag art on fabric: