Spontaneous print

Left-over acrylic paint

Print making with leaves.

Art Prescription: and what can I do with this? Art paper? Journal paper? Write on?

So, life is fragile

Where do you want to spend time?

And is it worth it?

Art Prescription: Life is a balance.

She unfurls petals

A white glow in springs forest

Invites the bees in.

Art Prescription: Nature is a seductress. She puts on her best to invite pollinators.

The forest is intoxicating.

A folk remedy

Yellow-root, medicinal

Dainty purple blooms.

Art Prescription: Most people walk right by and never see the tiny yellow-root blooms.

They are tiny, and beautiful! This plant has been used as a natural antibiotic among other remedies.

Pen and ink sketch with watercolor:

Spring showers, bird song

Rain washes yellow pollen

Off of my windshield.

Art Prescription: Spring in NC means pine pollen! I’m talking a yellow haze in the atmosphere.

I’m continuing my birch trees in acrylic and finding myself impatient. Funny how people say watercolor is difficult. I’m finding acrylics harsh, can’t get the soft feel I desire.

I’m also tired, so time to walk away and look with fresh eyes tomorrow.

Left over from fall

Pods and seed heads welcome new

Abundance of growth

Art Prescription: Everyday points to new growth.


High above cactus

Ravens call and lizards slip

Across craggy rocks.

Art Prescription: I added more to my southwest scene. Is she done?