Art Prescription

My mission since starting this blog has always been to deliver a dose of art and haiku.

I feel art and creativity will get lots of families through these trying times.

Today I made three new mini-art journals and listed them in my Etsy shop.

I hope they might be a place to record thoughts and feelings about our times.

State Flower

Dogwood State Flower

Sparkles with white blooms in woods

Nature moves onward.

Art Prescription: so no matter how scary the news gets… a walk in the woods reassures you that life is moving forward.

I’m not downplaying our current threats.

I am seeking peace in the natural world.

Be well!

Dogwood pen and ink and watercolor pencil:

Happy News

She came off trailer

To find herself in grass field

And she was happy.

Art Prescription: Horses live in the moment. Katie the Palomino arrived at Blue Skies today. After a couple of hour ride, she hopped off the trailer and settled quickly.

Beautiful day watching nature’s Devine system.

Of course my horse Finn and his buddy Bodee were very interested in the new mare!