White Gardenias

Sweet perfume in the garden

Petals velvet soft

Art Prescription: The scent of gardenias is unmatched. Their sweet perfume will follow you around the garden.

I did a simple pen and ink sketch on blue card stock…. just the basics, soothing.

Remembrance Trees

I’ve been working with UNC Hospitals for years creating Remembrance Trees.

I’m so honored these trees are used in a process for healing as participants write on leaves which are glued to the tree.

I’ve created Four new trees during this covid pandemic.


Although I enjoy trying other styles of painting, today I repurposed my work from yesterday into a journal.

Made a totally cute journal!

Art journal with blank pages, bound with jute. I’m going to list this in my Etsy shop:

Paint like “…….”

Steal like an artist

Be inspired by someone else

Go ahead, copy.

Art Prescription: I’m big on copyright and would never try to sell a painting I painted in another artist’s style.

And as the book with that title, “Steal like an artist,” says, it’s okay to be inspired by other’s work.

Think about the great Impressionists.

So I’ve been looking at a few artists who do abstract acrylics, and here’s my take:

And Still

And still garden grows

Vines wrap their way towards the sun

Trees full canopy..

Art Prescription: With all that’s going on in the world, I’d like to offer up a moment of peace.

Sumi-ink and watercolor:


The world is a bit overwhelming. This is a post of gratitude. My life is very blessed. I’m grateful for each day, my health, my friends and neighbors. My husband.

My animals…


Reach for and pull weed

Hundreds more wait, roots sunkin

Teaspoon in ocean.

Art Prescription: Like weeds, opinions are rooted. I’m feeling like humanity is dipping into a sea with a teaspoon.

Be gentle dear humans, for we all seek the light.

Art Journal: