This being brings me joy!

Happy Thanksgiving to you my blog followers! I’m snuggled in bed with my cats, going to be in the 20’s here in NC tonight. I hope Finn, my horse, has lots of hay to eat to keep him warm.

I have so much to be thankful for! My life is happy and blessed.

Here’s to creativity and encouraging you to pick up a brush and paint and find your muse.

You leave me apples

I find a warm and dry spot

It’s a mouse hotel.

Art Prescription: If you are reading this thinking eweeeeeee, well you have to remember I spend lots of time on a farm. Things like this are bound to happen.

Happily I caught the little rascal and set him free in a big open field. It did inspire me to draw.

Colored pencil on a yellow index card:

This is kind-of funny and not. I have a mouse in my van!

I think he probably rode in via my horse bag that I carry to the barn. I do have apples for the horses.

  • So I’ve tried to catch the mouse in a shoe box. He jumped right out!
  • Now I have a bucket with an Apple and hope this works so I can return him to the farm.

I’m a living, breathing sculpture

Your job is to chisel away the

Sand of self-doubt.

It’s in the bend of my neck

The span of my back

The stride of my step

The soft of my eye

You ask me for truth

And I don’t lie

It’s in the drop of my chin

The slant of my ears.

I carry you on my back

And meet you at the fence

It’s the nicker of hello

The invitation to join me.

Now you understand I’m finished work

Giving you permission

To explore and uncover

What ought to make you proud.

It’s the bounce of my trot

My head by your shoulder

This open gate

For you to find a gift.

Art Prescription: My final Women’s Intuitive Riding luncheon was today. Four groups of women from four mornings come together to share their experience with horses.

While in yoga this morning the words to my thoughts started taking shape.

Watercolor sketch in my journal:

A fresh sunflower

Music note collage and “hope”

My stamp from China.

Art Prescription: During my Open Studio two people asked to buy my sunflower painting. I had this painting off to the side, a personal work.

Then I thought why not let this painting go. Let go and allow others to enjoy this energy.

Maybe it will inspire me to recreate something similar!

The new owner’s pick up this piece today, very excited to bring to their home. Wow! now that’s humbling.

One is a lonely

Number at the holiday

Really anytime.

Art Prescription: As we head into the holiday season I’m so thankful for my family of friends who make up my community.

Single Pear mixed media: