Hot August

Sam and I took a walk. So hot!

We both wrote haikus.


Streets covered in ice
Yearning for the summer sun
That we have today


Cicadas, crickets
Buzz from trees, dry tall grassland
Hazy heat August.

Change is in the air

Hi Art Prescription fans!

It’s been a while since I posted and many of you are following me on Instagram @artprescription.

I’ve been busy doing art and stitching and because my interests are so diverse I’m trying to define what kind of artist I am these days.

I guess mixed-media works, although you know I love my watercolor.

Stay tuned as I evolve…




A run-on sentence

And thirty minutes later

My meter is out.

Art Prescription: Time is a perception. If you are busy, every minute counts. If you are not busy and perhaps lonely time stretches out like a beach.

Boundaries happen when the busy meet with the lonely.

Try as you might you cannot fill the hole of lonely.

And the run on sentence gets on your nerves.

What do you do?

Be rude?

Make up an excuse to leave?

Have someone call you for rescue?

Pretend you are on the phone?

Walk the other way?

Love your feedback!!!