Happy New Year

It’s 7:00 and I’m home, in my Pj’s with a cat at my feet!

I have no intentions of leaving or staying up.

I wish you the happiest New Year!

I worked a journal page and the quote that jumped out at me is:


Not in another place

But this place…

Not for another

Hour, but this hour.”

Walt Whitman

Warm December

Weather is a tease

Blue birds calling out to mates

December T-shirts.

Art Prescription: Temperatures in the upper sixties! Perfect weather to be outside.

North Carolina weather can be very fickle. We could have a snow-storm next week.

Doodle in my journal with watercolor:

Blackie, my “feral” cat, under lights:

Winter Trees

So stark and peaceful

Bare winter trees reaching out

Just in the moment.

Art Prescription: So much talk today about living in the moment, just breathe, let go of the past.

What if we were trees?

Set Sail

Setting sail new year

Getting in touch with the course

And riding each wave.

Art Prescription: Merry Christmas to those who celebrate!

Happy holidays to all others!

No matter your beliefs or religion, we all enter a new year with hopes and expectations.

My wish for each of you is to live your truths, be yourself, and realize what you have to give this world!

Collage with holiday stamps: