How’s your perspective?

Do you value each life breath

To find JOY each day?

Art Prescription: So what do you guys think about positivity? Can positive thinking, meditation, and exercise change our mood and outlook?

I think so. Art Journal:

Art Journal

Paper memories

Saved and glued in art Journal

Laying down the past.

Art Prescription: Do you wonder what treasures will be left to find at future antique sales?

With most people recording their lives digitally, will there be any really cool photos that document history? Way back in 2019?

Art Journal:

Fall in Graphite

Ever so gently

Leaves float and dance to the ground

Nature’s bold collage.

Art Prescription: You guys know I love to paint trees!

Today I got focused and did a graphite study of leaves using different numbered pencils, 6b to an H.

Mixed-media Butterfly Tutorial II


So, after my watercolor dried I began to paint around the butterfly with white acrylic paint, craft paint is fine. It may take a couple of coats depending on how much collage you did.

Once the acrylic is dry you can add your stamped words. Anything goes.

I’d love to see what you did!

Last step is to crop and cut for framing or to add to your art journal!