She wears lacy thongs

Leopard skin scarves wrap her neck

Red, cat-eyed glasses

Art Prescription: We are all cut from a different mold for sure. I think being at home with who you are and living gratefully in the body we have, is one key to contented life.

Watercolor pencil on 140 lb watercolor paper:

Four hundred fifty

The number of pounds of hay

To keep horses warm.

Art Prescription: Just home and showered after a chilly afternoon at farm. Temperatures tonight drop into the teens.

Our horses have thick natural coats, and to keep their metabolism radiating heat they get lots of hay.

Here’s Finn, the bay, and his roomie Frosty Girl huddled in their run-in shed.

I’ve got your back now

In the pouring rain and wind

Put your trust in me.

Art Prescription: Vet day at barn. The weather just made it harsh. Cold wind and rain. It’s been a tough winter. We have a great barn family and we will get through this!

Ava June getting X-rays.

Art Journal:

A wintry forecast

Has me thinking about warmth

Coffee, tea, blankets.

Art Prescription: So, the roads are salted. A powdered white dust may cover the asphalt.

Here in NC a simple dusting of wintry precipitation leads to the mass eradication of bread and milk.

Art Journal watercolor pencil sketch and then brushed with water:

Cold, courtship started

Relationships take much time

Investment in love.

Art Prescription: So even in the cold January wind birds begin their calls and courtship. Nature seems to know these things take time and commitment.

It’s all a natural build up to spring!

Watercolor pencil sketch then brushed with

Grandmother’s cactus

Blooms long after she is gone

Leaving her laughter.

Art Prescription: My maternal grandmother, “Annie,” was everything good in life. Grew and canned her own garden. Had corn-bread frying in the pan, sliced-fresh tomatoes, and apple-fritters.

I have her Christmas cactus which is blooming now!

Art Journal:

This is a powerful haiku written by my fellow blogger “longingforwater.” As I’ve gone back to work at my RN job a bit, this work has lot’s of meaning.

Longing For Water

blue skies and sunshine
fool those who rely on looks
frigid to the bone

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