Red carpet, pink walls

Crimson tassels on curtains

Canopy on bed.

Art Prescription: Bedside bouquet:


Hi fellow artists,

I had a great time teaching an Art Prescription class today at the North Carolina Botanical Garden.

My class was part of a Certificate in Horticulture Therapy, and my goal was to inspire participants to art journal for self-care.

I did several demonstrations and they were most interested in using live botanicals as stamps/stencils.

Here is my finished page. I started with leaf stamping and then added collage, pen and ink.

Hiding in plain sight

Exposed and vulnerable

Who ate the pansies?!?

Under a big sky

Horses graze, hazy June air

Hawk soars on current.

Art Prescription: A beautiful June day…

Pen and ink and watercolor, Chinese symbol says horse:

A country bird-bath

Blue birds gather for a splash

In a horse feed bowl.

Art Prescription: Today after I washed Finn’s tick bite off with the hose I noticed the birds coming to the puddle.

I put a couple of inches of water in a horse feed bowl thinking they might enjoy a bath… and they did!!

We all have stories

Generations of living

That makes us unique.

Art Prescription: Watercolor sketch