Bird bath is frozen

Seeds and nuts are going fast

My backyard bird scene

Art Prescription: I can always tell when winter is moving in. My bird feeder is hopping with our regular cold weather customers.

I continue to explore how to blend my art with Stitch Kits.

This is one of my originals printed on fabric and offered in my Etsy shop as a kit!

First Snowflake

The first snowflake falls

Big wet white drops on my coat

Flock of Juncos fly.

Art Prescription: On my walk a flock of Juncos took flight. They are snow predicting birds.

And then snow did fall.

Diva is not a fan of the cold.

New Horse

Hi folks,

My Open Studio was great. It’s always the greatest opportunity all year to clean my studio!!

I enjoy showcasing my years work.

My Etsy shop is booming with sales! Holiday Spirit is alive!!

Meanwhile the horses are being horses!

Horse Bliss

Pasture of horses

Bright sun, crisp shade, November

We enter their herd.

Art Prescription: Meditation with a herd today at Folly Farm.

Being with horses increases oxytocin, a good brain chemical.

Stitch kit: