Steady cicadas

Whirl and grind in the woodlands

Goldfinches seek seed.

Art Prescription: goldfinches nest and brood late when lots of seed heads are available.

So don’t dead-head your cone flowers, coz these bright yellow goldfinches will be feeding like crazy!

Chasing the Day

Rise and shine and GO

Feed indoor cat, outdoor cats

Let dog out and feed.

Art Prescription: And that’s just the first 30 minutes while I gulp coffee.

Off to swim laps…

Home to dress and off to barn for vaccine day for Finn.

Home to work on trends for Ross.

Christmas Stitch Kits

As the light changes

And temperatures cool down

Time is ticking on.

Art Prescription: A bit of a cool front is moving through North Carolina, giving us a hint of fall.

I’m working on holiday Stitch Kits.

How do you like this idea?

Lost Dog

Hi y’all,

So my week has been occupied by searching for a neighbor’s lost dog.

She disappeared in the woods and has not been found.

I’m hoping someone picked her up from a near soccer field.


My art usually comes first, but not in these circumstance.

Come home Ally!!!