adult coloring

Nestled in the leaves

One stem at a time, then bloom

Fiddleheads salute.

Art Prescription:  With my sketchbook and a box of colored pencils, I headed off to the North Carolina Botanical Garden in search of the ephemeral wildflowers.

Art Journal with pen and ink and colored pencil:

Botanical Garden March 2017.jpg


Cold, chill to the bone

Steady drizzle and down-pours

Early springs revenge.

Art Prescription:  So we have had record high temperatures, and now we are having record low temperatures.

Index card with watercolor and colored pencil:

Index card rainy March.jpeg

As the white moon grows

Blooming vines twirl and reach up

Purple-blue Vinca.

Art Prescription:  Such a happy perineal.

Index card with pen and watercolor:

Index card vinca 1.jpeg

Sunday morning drive

Early and roads are quiet

Just me and the crows.

Art Prescription:  Alone time is the quintessential salve for busy life.

Art journal sketch with pen:

art journal wires.jpeg

Spring Red-Buds border

The highway like landing lights

Place to land winter.

Art Prescription:  So pretty.

Index card with watercolor:

red bud.jpeg

Scent of evening

Dinner cooking, clothes drying

Spring inflorescence.

Art Prescription:  There is an Asian family in my neighborhood who starves me on my evening walk. There is always something wonderful wafting from their house.

Watercolor and colored pencil:

February shrub II.jpeg

It’s before you knew

Free from guilt or blame, simple

Just a shear pleasure.

Art Prescription:  Spring moves forth with such determination…

Index card with colored pencil:

Index card bunny 2.jpeg

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