art journal

Nestled in the leaves

One stem at a time, then bloom

Fiddleheads salute.

Art Prescription:  With my sketchbook and a box of colored pencils, I headed off to the North Carolina Botanical Garden in search of the ephemeral wildflowers.

Art Journal with pen and ink and colored pencil:

Botanical Garden March 2017.jpg


Tremble in their frame

Delicate ephemerals

Up from frozen ground.

Art Prescription:  About now the banks of creeks are full of blooming Trout Lilies. I adore their delicate nodding heads.

Watercolor 8 1/2 x 11 ( flower drawn and painted at 4x)

Trout Lily full 72.jpg

Humble pie is served

I’ll take a submissive slice

And assume it’s best.

Art Prescription:  Sometimes we learn our best life lessons by taking a step back, being humble, and looking at the big picture.

Index card with watercolor:

Index card humble.jpeg

Bullfrogs croak, fish swirl

Great blue heron struts the shore

Water reflects sky.

Art Prescription:  I spent my afternoon gathering supplies for art journaling kits. I love my art journal…a place to play with mixed media, a place to experience art versus “making” art. Creativity is so important to a balanced life. I’ve listed a few of my kits in my Etsy shop. Take a look and be inspired! I’d love to see what you do!

Here is my journal for today. I collaged vintage papers all over page. Then I sketched some pansies from my garden onto the page and colored them with a light wash of watercolor.

March 2017.jpg

A busy kitchen

Spells love, and a fresh menu

Real homemade goodness.

Art Prescription:  It’s fun to have time on the weekend to cook together. Kitchen time chopping fresh produce…and then the reward, yum.

Art Journal Page
Art Rx journal tomatoes.jpeg

Cold rainy morning

Warm blankets and cats call me

Back into my bed.

Art Prescription:  Saturday morning. No place in particular to be. It’s cloudy and rainy and cold…brrrr. Warm cats, warm bed, is this really a decision?

Using my collage paper with the 1903 ledger and flowers,  I then sewed my index card sketches onto the paper. Fun!!!

Art Rx journal cats.jpegI

Something old and new

Years of age and a fresh bloom

Each tells a story.

Art Prescription:  Another piece using a 1903 ledger from Carrboro, North Carolina. These dusty pages tell a story. So I picked a few of my freshly bloomed flowers…and here is the conversation…

Art Rx Journal page 2 72.jpg

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