art journaling

Freshly fallen leaves

Quinacridone gold, ochre

And brilliant blues.

Art Prescription:  So many luscious colors in fall!

8 1/2 x 11 watercolor, watercolor pencil

trees fall leaves.jpg


You are not alone

A whole community waits

To embrace us all.

Art Prescription:  It’s okay to reach out. We all need community. We all need to feel loved.

8 /12 x 11 watercolor, my chop says “hope”

Iris 72.jpg

To stay or move on?

How do they know? These teachers

Of deepest instinct.

Art Prescription:  I added to my background from the other day with colored pencil and graphite…

birds prothonotary.jpg

Rain-forest sunrise

Water rolls off of wet leaves

Heat rises with steam.

Art Prescription:  Amazing where you can travel with art!!

8 1/2 x 11 watercolor and colored pencil

Rain Forest Morning 72.jpg

A simple bee sting

Has me with my leg up high

Watching the TV.

Art Prescription:  Not usually so tuned in to current news…I’m struggling with reality. We all want to feel a sense of pride for our country, right?

8 1/2 x 11 watercolor: Red, White, and Blue:

Botanical USA.jpg


Final zinnias

Adorn the garden, leaves fall

A final farewell.

Art Prescription:  I will miss cut flowers! In exchange we get cool, cozy, sweatshirt weather!

Watercolor and colored pencil:

Zinnias 2.jpg

The Atlantic churns

America together

We love thy neighbor.

Art Prescription:  Instead of the differences that have been in the news in the last months, lately I’ve seen Americans coming together to help one-another. People from all backgrounds pulling together, working as teams, spreading love.

This is the country I’m proud of.

Here in North Carolina we are in danger of being in the path of Irma. Be well my neighbor.

Abstract with watercolor and acrylic 8 1/2 x 11:

Abstract 72.jpg

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