iphone photography

Life is a puppy

Tail wagging joy every day


Art Prescription:  Our neighbors have a new toy Shih Tzu puppy. What a fuzzy ball of life. And here is Biscuit, one of my favorites, offering her welcome.

Index card sketch with colored pencil:


At the sideline, I

Watch her canter through the field

I’m jealous and proud.

Art Prescription:  This beautiful young lady rides my horse Finn on Tuesdays. She loves him. Today I watched her ride and felt both a sense of true pride to see my beautiful horse move, and I have to admit, jealousy. It’s okay though, it’s a win-win, and is super good for him. He OF COURSE! knows I’m his momma and loves me MORE. LOL,  Sweet boy…

Finn and Laura.jpg

Clear skies, hawks, blue birds

Early morning crisp, cold, air

I feed the horses.

Art Prescription: After a busy Open Studio, it was so peaceful to go out on a cold winter morning and be with the horses.

Horses blue skies.jpg

First truly cool day

The pool chairs all stacked up now

October takes hold.

Art Prescription:  Perfect for horseback riding!!


Through the tall green grass

Up over the rise…there lies

The land of plenty.

Art Prescription:  Absolute beauty can be found in a field of grazing horses.


Blue Skies April


Icicle cascade

Still fall of water, frozen

Before it hits ground.

Art Prescription:  It’s like a steady drip of water was suspended in time.

iPhoto black and white

icicle b and w