Dried flowers on stem

Hint, original color

Calm winter neutrals.

Art Prescription:  It was 22 degrees when I got to the farm this morning. Finn was happily eating hay, which is how horses keep warm in low temperatures. I had lots of layers and was comfortable, enjoying the bright winter sun. Later at home, I went for my usual walk and picked up a few beautiful things.

Winter collage.jpg

Soft and hard edges

Soft flower petals, hard wood

Like fire and ice.

Art Prescription: collage with staples, pen and ink drawing, and colored pencil:


Vet day at the farm

Wait like air traffic control

Snow began to fall.

Art Prescription: 13 Horses see the vet. Cold and snowing…

Art journal with watercolor:


Big December moon

Backdrop for tree silhouettes

On clear winter night.

Art Prescription:  Can you believe it’s December?!?!

Index card moon.jpg


Perches to look down

Sees her world from a new branch

Different viewpoint.

Art Prescription:  Never hurts to look at things from a new perspective.

Bird perspective.jpg

Trees winter.jpg

Stand of winter trees

Survey the fields, barren now

New life lurks below.

Art Prescription:  As fall turns to winter, I love the sculptural quality of winter trees.


Salmon sky settles

Over day of gratitude

Blessed is my life.

Art Prescription: Every day should be Thanksgiving. We have much to be grateful for. So much we at times forget to give thanks.

The leaves are still so pretty as the sun begins to hang her head low…

Art Journal with wet in wet watercolor:


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