Colorful journey

Air, sunshine and laid-back vibe

Relax and recharge.

Art Prescription:  Tired after my RN day…found poetry. Yes, I do notice the “get-away” theme.

3 x 5 index card art. I love being able to do these! Brings me satisfaction to the most stressful days.

Index card colorful

Summer pool, splash, squeal

Kaleidoscope reflections

 Water sparkles, sun.

summer swim 3 x 5

After summer rain

Air fresh, scent of moist, rich earth

Droplets on petals.

Art Prescription:  Set out for my evening walk with thunder in the far background. Next thing I know the wind kicks up and big drops begin to fall. I arrived home soaked…and happy for my garden!

Summer Rain 3 x 5

Sunflower 3 x 5

Ephemera hunt
Inspiration in a bag
Bits, paper, pieces.

Art Prescription: So, what if you got a bag of goodies to do collage with? A bag of random ephemera to take and do as you please! Art journaling, art collage, expressive therapy!

Shoe section Nordstroms

Or deep in the woods and fields

It’s all bird watching!

Art Prescription:  We are all different!! Isn’t it interesting?

truquoise dream collection 72

Rise up out of leaves

Delicate Quaker Ladies

April in the woods.

Art Prescription:  I rode my bike over to a patch of woods near my house. Lots of Quaker Ladies blooming, also known as Bluets. They are such cheerful little flowers!!

Quaker Ladies 2

Good morning purple

Early light, lavender haze

Luminous new day.

Art Prescription:  I’m rarely excited about setting my alarm clock for before the sun is up. But duty calls and oh the sunrise was glorious!!

Purple haze 3 x 5