Paint like “…….”

Steal like an artist

Be inspired by someone else

Go ahead, copy.

Art Prescription: I’m big on copyright and would never try to sell a painting I painted in another artist’s style.

And as the book with that title, “Steal like an artist,” says, it’s okay to be inspired by other’s work.

Think about the great Impressionists.

So I’ve been looking at a few artists who do abstract acrylics, and here’s my take:

Haiku July 4, 2013 Red, White, and Blue

Red, white, and blue day

Parades, flags, dogs with ribbons

Now fire up the grill!

Art Prescription:  On this Independence Day I’m making a delicious dish from India! Home-made garam-masala! Grilled eggplant…etc. We live a rich life with an abundance of everything at our finger-tips. I am thankful!!

july 4