Planning February 10, 2014

Start here, end up there

Brain thinks, spirit takes over

Expressive painting!!

Art Prescription:  Sometimes the best thing is to take brush and paint to paper!! You may not be creating a work of art. You may be doing your body, mind, and spirit some good by just letting go. Expressive painting increases your immune system. Now go…and let.


Art Prescription August 18, 2013 Splatter

Splatter therapy

Large canvas, freedom to play

Real? or under art?

Art Prescription:  What started out as a tree painting on a big canvas – 5 ft tall – became an expression of loose brush-strokes and spattering…so therapeutic!! I will return to this tomorrow to paint a “proper” tree, but for now, ahhhhhh…cheaper than counseling and oh!! the color!!

cosmo in sidewalk 001

Art Prescription Workshop

“The artist only needs the willingness to paint.”

“There’s always a clean white canvas.”

Taught an Art Prescription Workshop today with friends. My goal  in mentoring is to help the individual bring out their artistic voice. To move away from expectations and to respond to what happens in the moment that paint and brush come together.

art rx d and a 002

art rx d and a 003

One man’s junk is another’s treasure…look at this fantastic ink work! I then colored it in…

Davids ink