Cowgirl Wisdom October 24, 2015

She moved me, the wind

And I listened deeply to

What she had to say.

Art Prescription:  I went to an animal communication workshop today at the farm where my horse Finn lives. It was intense and beautiful. I was overwhelmed with some emotions that came up, and I’m sure I will need to process my “conversations” more in the days to come. The horses were amazing and accepting and willing…wow!

Wisdom of Horses for Deb

Talk to Me August 16, 2015

We all are story

Shaped by our past, what we are

Listen, you will hear.

Art Prescription:  The shear act of listening is an art. In our push a button hyped up world of texting and immediate gratification, do we really take the time to listen to others? I love my gadgets… and I also love slowing down at the farm with the horses. Really nice.

Finn's Truth

Horse Trail Ride April 23, 2014

Through long green grass fields

Into the woods, by cows, geese,

Trail ride perfection!

Art Prescription:  Spring experienced on the back of a horse is bliss. Look down and see wildflowers at their feet. Watch their ears and eyes as they take it all in. You are on their back and they carry you with each step, mutual trust!

Trail Ride April 2