Watched with a hawk’s eye

Critical observation

No love accomplished!

If you have ever felt judge and watched and criticized, you know that you were bound to fumble.

On the other hand if you have been lifted with confidence and praised, you are bound to soar above your challenge.

Never allow people to disbelieve in you.

Only Believe in yourself!! You are great! Keep at it!!

Me and my boy Finn bareback!!!!


I lost my car keys

And in looking for them I

Found a butterfly.

Female Black Swallowtail

This butterfly hibernated in my garage since last summer. Two more cocoons to go.

Horse Bliss

Pasture of horses

Bright sun, crisp shade, November

We enter their herd.

Art Prescription: Meditation with a herd today at Folly Farm.

Being with horses increases oxytocin, a good brain chemical.

Stitch kit:

Holiday Projects

Ready to deck halls

Go into full holidaze

Smell of a fresh pine.

Art Prescription: Maybe the fullness of the year, maybe looking for spirit, maybe just like the lights…

We might put our tree up early.

Holiday Stitch Kit available in my Etsy shop:

Daily Joy

Hi folks,

As the news gets more concerning, I’d like to remind you of the daily joys in life.

Start a gratitude journal.

The holidays will be different. Honor what you have that is good!