Steam rises from cup

My morning is slow, leisure

French toast with my mate.

Art Prescription:  Isn’t it lovely to have a slow morning? No rushing or appointments, running out the door with yogurt in hand. Time to sit with a cat or two in my lap, and watch the birds.

Little bit nippy, but I did head out to my studio to paint…

Acrylic over collage 6 x 6


Cold front moving in

Wind whips tree branches, rattles

Blue birds hunker down.

Art Prescription:  What a fuss? Blue birds claiming territory so early? Perhaps a warm box seems like a good idea!


Blue bird

Seconds of my life

Click by on the microwave

Quick grits are ready!

Art Prescription:  And let’s remember each small thing. Lucky to have hot grits with butter, even if I did eat them standing up between patients. A bite here, ooh that’s hot, a bite there, more butter? What do elephants and grits have to do with one another? Hot grits…cute critter with flowers…TGIF y’all!

Index card with colored pencil

Index card elephant

As the trees shed leaves

So begins winter season

Birds sing renewal.

Art Prescription:  As we begin the season of Yin, going into the darker days, I have a sense of renewal. Cleaning the clutter from the year…preparing for the holidays and my open studio.

Index card with Sumi-ink:

Index card Nov birds

Sitting in judgment

The five ladies brood and mope

The Peacock shows out.

Art Prescription: Funny what comes to mind while painting. And I’ll show you some proud peacock later…

8 1/2 x 11 watercolor


Freshly cut flowers

Seems trees have changed overnight

Mason Jar posy.

Art Prescription:  We are so lucky here in North Carolina that flowers continue to bloom on through October. We haven’t had that first cold frost yet. So I happily plucked a Mason Jar full of flowers and set about to watercolor them. Makes me about as happy as anything…

8 1/2 x 11 watercolor on 140 lb watercolor paper

Fall Posey 72

She moved me, the wind

And I listened deeply to

What she had to say.

Art Prescription:  I went to an animal communication workshop today at the farm where my horse Finn lives. It was intense and beautiful. I was overwhelmed with some emotions that came up, and I’m sure I will need to process my “conversations” more in the days to come. The horses were amazing and accepting and willing…wow!

Wisdom of Horses for Deb