Old fashion lilac

Delicate pearly purple

Scents up whole garden.

Art Prescription:  Reminds me of my grandmother’s garden.

Index card with watercolor and my chop that says “hope”


Cotten summer dress

Just right with pair of sandals

To watch the stars in.

Art Prescription:  When is the last time you went out in search of lighting bugs? to watch the stars? look for one to make a wish on?

Cotton Dress

Afraid of corners?

Are you holding on too tight?

Can you sit back, down?

Art Prescription:  I’m practicing awareness. Where does my energy go? Who and whom do I allow into my space, my energy field? When do I feel empowered, energized, and when do I feel depleted? Working with horses at Blue Skies of Mapleview is humbling. The horses, with their soft knowing gaze, are helping me get in touch with a couple of things, and it’s all that and more!

pink saddle 72

Cutest little cap

A seed that holds a whole oak

The modest acorn.

Art Prescription:  Big things come in little packages, like hope, joy, and giving thanks!!