A vintage ledger

A glimpse of nineteen hundred

Hand-written account.

Art Prescription:  So I was gifted this 1903 ledger, a store from Carrboro, North Carolina. Flipping through the pages gives me the chills as I realize how far we’ve come, and what we have lost. Lost are hand-written records with beautiful penmanship, lost are solid articles you can hold and feel, lost are things packed away for finding later. Digital means it’s all somewhere.

Art Journal Page 8 1/2 x 11 (available in my Etsy shop)

Art Rx Scrapbook paper buttons.jpeg


Pale winter neutrals

Every hue of golden

Seasons never end.

Art Prescription:  Nature is forever unfolding…

Art Journal with watercolor, collage, pen, colored pencil:

Art journal winter.jpgs

Life, many layers

The lived days add, a year

To lead with your heart.

Art Prescription:  How you spend your days add up to how your spend your year…

Collage and sewing on paper:

Bird eggs sew.jpeg