A vintage ledger

A glimpse of nineteen hundred

Hand-written account.

Art Prescription:  So I was gifted this 1903 ledger, a store from Carrboro, North Carolina. Flipping through the pages gives me the chills as I realize how far we’ve come, and what we have lost. Lost are hand-written records with beautiful penmanship, lost are solid articles you can hold and feel, lost are things packed away for finding later. Digital means it’s all somewhere.

Art Journal Page 8 1/2 x 11 (available in my Etsy shop)

Art Rx Scrapbook paper buttons.jpeg


Color theory play

Warm, cool, saturation, hue

Fifty shades of pink.

Art Prescription:  Played with color mixing today. Start with 3 primary colors and see how many other colors you can mix. Watercolor journal.

journal color wheel

Out of the cocoon

She unfolds her brand new wings

And takes her first flight.

Art Prescription:  Something to aim for…

Changeling 6

Bright yellow fireworks

Dot the edge of the forest

Spring celebration!

daffodil 2014