The world is a bit overwhelming. This is a post of gratitude. My life is very blessed. I’m grateful for each day, my health, my friends and neighbors. My husband.

My animals…


Reach for and pull weed

Hundreds more wait, roots sunkin

Teaspoon in ocean.

Art Prescription: Like weeds, opinions are rooted. I’m feeling like humanity is dipping into a sea with a teaspoon.

Be gentle dear humans, for we all seek the light.

Art Journal:

Freshly Cut

Roses, shades of pink

Fleshy, velvety petals

Just now, freshly cut.

Art Prescription: Heading towards summer and joyful flower cutting from my garden.

A loosely painted watercolor…shades of pink:

Studio Day

Hi y’all,

Spent my afternoon painting in my studio with the doors and windows open. A bit warm, but like feeling I’m part of the backyard.

I’m working on a custom order. A set of my brush paintings.

So fun to work on a series:

Building Blocks

Roof without cover

Garden with freshly tilled soil

Plans for the future.

Art Prescription: All projects start with plans. As you build, you reassess each angle. Measure twice, cut once.

I’ve just listed my next Stitch Kit!

Introducing: Wren