New Ideas

Time to perculate

Bring the gerbil in to home

Off the running wheel!

Art Prescription: Having extra time to work on some ideas has been nice.

I’m hoping to soon list an embroidery kit in my Etsy shop.

This is ready to embroider.

Slow Stitching


A needle, thread, slow stitching

Embroidery rose.

Art Prescription: Today while it was cool and rainy, I stitched the rose.

I’m putting together a kit idea. A kit would come with everything to stitch this mini piece of art.

It could be framed or made into a pin-cushion or lavender sachet.

Art Rx January 21, 201

I’ve been working on an Art Prescription Kit, a combination of what inspires me. Here is a mock up! I’ve made this available in my Etsy shop. My goal is to build on this to encourage people to take advantage of the wellness factor of creativity!!

Art Rx Kit 1.jpg