Chasing the Day

Rise and shine and GO

Feed indoor cat, outdoor cats

Let dog out and feed.

Art Prescription: And that’s just the first 30 minutes while I gulp coffee.

Off to swim laps…

Home to dress and off to barn for vaccine day for Finn.

Home to work on trends for Ross.

July Daydream

Time for hat, mittens

Air crisp and cool, record scratch!!!

Shorts, sunscreen, and sweat!

Art Prescription: I can always put on more clothes, but to get away from July heat requires air condition!

This little bird hopped into my daydream today:

Spring March 20, 2014

She makes grand entrance

The star of the show appears

Curtains open, spring!!

Art Prescription:  So happy to see the sun coming up this morning. I can see why after days with no sun, ancient civilizations began to worry. A large star indeed!

Here comes the sun

Quiet Woods March 18, 2014

My steps and tree frogs

Miniature waterfalls

Only sounds in woods.

Art Prescription:  It is too quiet in the woods for a March day. After another wintry weather day, the creek is full and there is a steady drip-drop off the trees. Wet, cold, misty…why would anyone be out bird-watching!! I scan the trees for owls!! Saw a hawk and a cute little Kinglet.

Holiday Countdown 2

July 3, 2013 Satisfaction

Between the thunder

Sweet satisfaction of sun

Round raindrops glisten.

Art Prescription:  Here in NC we’ve had a deluge of storms. Seems for days thunder has been rumbling. So when the sun came out today, I rushed off to the pool to get some laps in!! Satisfaction comes in many forms, and I’m super excited to announce the launch of my new checks, checkbooks, and address labels!!


Haiku December 25, 2012 Peace on Earth

A voice sang from woods

Peace on earth, goodwill to man

Many answered call!!

Art Prescription:  Beautiful Christmas day here in North Carolina. Spent it with my soul-mate walking in the woods, doing a Christmas day bird count, and a bit of sketching…bliss…shear bliss. I highly recommend it. This new year go out and buy yourself a sketchbook. Simply take notice of your surroundings. Especially when you are too busy…just ten minutes of joy and a change in brain chemistry!

poinsettia bird song