Garden on the verge

Flower buds swell in the hope

Of a full blossom.

Art Prescription:  We do want to live up to our own expectations… Look around you and realize you have already done it!!! Peace.

August Bloom ACEO

Shoe section Nordstroms

Or deep in the woods and fields

It’s all bird watching!

Art Prescription:  We are all different!! Isn’t it interesting?

truquoise dream collection 72

Stretch, yawn, and repeat

Wake up slow, no alarm clock

Saturday morning.

Art Prescription:  While for the most part I like being up early, makes the day longer, it is on occasion totally blissful to sleep-in.


Sweet…the Friday air

Essence of white pear blossom

Neighborhood cat sleeps.

Art Prescription:  Set out to sketch wildflowers, but found the neighborhood cat asleep on my deck.

Sketchbook March 21

She makes grand entrance

The star of the show appears

Curtains open, spring!!

Art Prescription:  So happy to see the sun coming up this morning. I can see why after days with no sun, ancient civilizations began to worry. A large star indeed!

Here comes the sun

My steps and tree frogs

Miniature waterfalls

Only sounds in woods.

Art Prescription:  It is too quiet in the woods for a March day. After another wintry weather day, the creek is full and there is a steady drip-drop off the trees. Wet, cold, misty…why would anyone be out bird-watching!! I scan the trees for owls!! Saw a hawk and a cute little Kinglet.

Holiday Countdown 2

Between the thunder

Sweet satisfaction of sun

Round raindrops glisten.

Art Prescription:  Here in NC we’ve had a deluge of storms. Seems for days thunder has been rumbling. So when the sun came out today, I rushed off to the pool to get some laps in!! Satisfaction comes in many forms, and I’m super excited to announce the launch of my new checks, checkbooks, and address labels!!