Cerulean sky
Rich yellows, orange, umber
Showy Sycamores.

Art Prescription: A hike at Mason Farm reveals nature’s palette. The perfect mix of hues, light, and shadow.


Picking a pumpkin

To adorn our porch for fall

Ritual color.

Art Prescription:  Well this is just orange-luscious!! A trek out to the country for pumpkin picking.


Feed the birds, funny!

My stealth-like acrobatics

Houdini rodent.

Art Prescription:  Steamer of a day. While out watering my plants I watched the antics of my local squirrel friend. These “tree-rats” are clever, and anyone who has purchased a squirrel proof feeder knows they pretty much wasted their money. So, I just feed everyone.


Volatilize, swirl

Look, smell, and sip, take a bite

Wine and food pairing.

Art Prescription:  The use of all senses…a wine tasting.

wine tasting


The ordinary

And then there are sweet moments

I’ll only have one!!

Art Prescription:  A patient brought this in to us. Well. It’s polite to show appreciation!! Worth every single sweet calorie…yes I chose the one all chocolate!


All shades of purple

Tiny orchid-like blossoms

Ajuga carpet.

Art Prescription:  For a short while we have a purple carpet in our flower beds. Ajuga! It’s purpleliscious! Up close it has details like a fragile orchid. Take a closer look…