Yoga on the deck

Long morning shadows, bird song

Spring tease, snow on way.

Art Prescription:  Wonderful Art RX group tonight making Valentine Cards!

v card

Comfort zone, structure

Rules to live by, rituals.

One step out, now LIVE!

Art Prescription:  I’m guilty of being ritualistic, creature of habit. Worse with age, oh dear!! BUT, the thing I love most about watercolor is it’s ability to not be controlled. The medium itself, allows me to smear, splatter, wash, blend, and just watch the magic of what happens on the page. Art journaling is the perfect place to step outside your comfort zone!!

NCBG junk garden

Wanted: Quiet time

Artist, female needs more space

To pursue her dreams!

Art Prescription:  Spring forward! I needed that hour!!

ArtJournaling 72

First morning light seeps

Into my sleepy window

First bird song’s sweet pitch.

Art Prescription:  Better than an alarm clock!!

First songbird

Icy limb glimmers

Prism of greens, blue, and red

Flash, pure violet!

Art Prescription:  An early morning moment with the sun!

leaves purple

I had a fun group this morning in my Art Prescription (Expressive Painting) holiday card workshop. We played with Sumi-ink and watercolors, practicing two techniques before going on to the cards. It always amazes me how each hand of the artist takes color and line to create their own unique voice. Here are some of their creations!! Aren’t these fantastic! Thanks group!