Scribble Tree August 8, 2014

Scars, blemishes, wounds

We all have them, our chapters,

Like trees we grow up

Art Prescription:  Here is a total stress relieving piece. Colored pencil scribbled on a 3 x 5 index card. It’s really all about the process, not the end picture. Ahhhh….feel better now.

Tree 3 x 5.jpg

Choose Love April 9, 2014

Where the sky is wide

Freshly plowed fields, deep orange

That’s where horses run.

Art Prescription:  The beauty of the rolling country on my way to Blue Skies Farm calms my nervous system. Hello friend…choose love.

Hello Friend

Owl April 6, 2014

Silent on a branch

Big brown eyes full of wisdom

Fine feathered owl.

Art Prescription:  Today would have been my grandmother, Annie Jones’ birthday. Spending time with this owl was like a gift…guardian owl! Sketch in journal.

Pumpkin Loop Owl