Art Deadline October 10, 2013

Fresh air studio

Door open to breath in fall

Working on deadline!

Art Prescription:  My studio is total chaos!! Fun chaos! I’m working on lots of new paintings, so I have them spread out. At a distance perhaps I will know what to add next. Right now all of these are in progress.


Haiku June 23, 2013 My Studio

Bees buzz around Balm

Showy patch side studio

Hummingbirds zip by!

Art Prescription:  Today instead of a painting, thought I’d share the view around my studio. I can look out my windows and see closeups of bees and hummers feeding from tall, red Bee Balm.


Haiku December 3, 2012 Pansies

Bold little faces

Brave the cold to add color

To winter gardens!

Art Prescription:  When the garden is covered in dried leaves and skeletons of last summer’s flowers, the bold color and determination of pansies, also known as violas, brighten my day. As I turn the curve to walk to my studio I’m met with tricolor faces reaching for the winter sun.

bold pansies