Bits And Pieces

Life, bits and pieces

Some fit together, others

Ask that you make change.

Art Prescription: Life is full of messages. If we pay attention our paths are a way out.

It gets confusing when the heart is involved.

New Journals coming together. Great place to vent!!

Walk in the Woods

An Eastern Phoebe

Flashed her yellow undertone

As she dove to ground.

Art Prescription:! I set out with the sun on my back towards Mason Farm through the woods.

The forge is flooded. So I walked along the side road seeing Blue Birds and White Throated Sparrows.

Home to work on my mixed media journal pages:

The Sun, she lives

I can totally see how ancient civilizations judged their well-being by the appearance of the sun.

Days of rain and cold and fog does a number on us humans.

Lucky, the sun came out today to reassure us!!

And Blue birds are seeking nests!

Tea bag art: