Choose Love April 9, 2014

Where the sky is wide

Freshly plowed fields, deep orange

That’s where horses run.

Art Prescription:  The beauty of the rolling country on my way to Blue Skies Farm calms my nervous system. Hello friend…choose love.

Hello Friend

Haiku August 5, 2013 Nature Tactics

Army of songbirds

Descend on intruder hawk

The war of nature.

Art Prescription:  While taking a ride on my bike, I noticed a bunch of racket going on in the woods. I stopped and scanned the trees for the action. Then I saw a rooster-sized hawk being bombarded by many songbirds…cardinals, bluejays, woodpeckers…They were all working as a team to make the intruder flee. Finally after much feather pecking, the hawk took off to nearby pines. The persistent songbirds followed. Amazing!

August Hawk