The box is singing

Fledglings are making some noise

Do the parents sleep?

Art Prescription:  Mother Nature’s tenacity is amazing. Every minute or so I see one of the chickadee parents leave the box to go grocery shopping. The box gets quiet. And as soon as one of the parents flies in, there is a lot of sweet high-note chirping going on.

Index card with colored pencil:

Index card chickadee egg.jpeg

Loads of rich green moss

And soft downy rabbit fur

A chickadee nest.

Art Prescription:  It fascinates me that all birds build different nests. Some use twigs and vines, some nest in tree cavities, others build with leaves, moss, fur, and I’ve even seen a snake skin. What a lot of work these winged friends put into their offspring.

Sumi-ink with my chop that says “hope”

Birds chickadee.jpeg

Canary yellow

High-pitched, sweet-song, melody

Likes thistle, Goldfinch!

Art Prescription:  Taught Art Journaling workshop for parent/child today. The raw honesty of children brings a smile to my face. Fascinating, really, the power of art!  Another Vision Board for me! Seems birds are showing up a lot these days…


Birds don’t seem to mind

Sharing the same bath water.

And the line starts here!!

Art Prescription:  There is a definite pecking order at the bird bath. A blue jay and robin negotiate, the blue jay goes first. As soon as he is done, the robin hops in and flutters with delight…never-mind who went first! Others wait on the side-lines for their turn. Seems an amicable bunch.