Be Real May 11, 2014

Sunday endorphins

Found in the pool, lap by lap

Hallmark holiday.

Art Prescription:  What if everyday was Mother’s Day, Nurse’s Day, Father’s Day?  How about we treat everyday as a holiday to celebrate life and those we love? Why wait until it’s pushed upon us and most people think everyone else is celebrating the perfect “day.” My wish!!! Be real…be you…

Be Real

Looking Forward 2014 December 31, 2013

I can see clearly

Through these rose colored glasses

And the scent…divine.

Art Prescription:  I think my theme for looking forward to a new year is all about roses! A few thoughts:

Rose Colored Glasses – Optimism and gratitude work!

A Bed of Roses – Seek comfort everyday…make your home your haven.

Everything is coming up roses – Expect the best…dream…and plan for them to come true.

Rose Scented Water – Yep, bathe in it!

A Rose is a Rose – Be authentic…be you!

coming up roses

Haiku January 1, 2013 Muse

One more coat should do

Re-do, re-paint, re-color

Wait for muse to speak.

Art Prescription:  New Year, a new blank canvas! I’ve painted about 5 different things on 2 canvases in the past couple of days. Changed color palette and design completely, waffled, stood staring….nothing! I know what I must do. I must leave the studio in order for my muse to appear. Going………..

trading bamboo

Haiku December 28, 2012 Be You

Free from worldly wants

You hear your own strong footsteps

Go! You know the way!

Art Prescription:  A student of all things Zen, I strive to apply the lessons of many great teachers to my life. I think the hardest lesson of all is to listen to your own heart and not allow the chaotic, negative energy of others divert you from what you know is good and whole and healthy. Peace.

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