In the sky and sea

Stars illuminate our walks

The rhythm of waves.

Art Prescription:  Icons of bright-light and hope…stars.

Coastal Starfish 600 copy

I forgo my voice

Trying to sing like others

My throat trembles truth.

Art Prescription:  Why does it always take so long to circle back around to our truths?



A long walk on the hot sand

Sea glimmers turquoise.

Art Prescription:  I’m off from my nursing job, and dreaming of vacation. Long beach walks, sea gulls laughing, salty breeze, palm trees rattling in the wind, and sunsets over the sea.


Feel salt on my skin

Hear gulls laughing in the wind

Waves lap shore, rhythm.

Art Prescription:  I could use a trip to the ocean about now. Long walks along the sand, listening to the waves rolling onto shore. Peaceful.

Red Coral I

Ocean rolls in, melts

Eases to calm sound ripples

Current swirls beneath.

Art Prescription:  Walked to the end of the island today where the ocean meets the sound. I left a Haiku O Gram there!!

fish towels

Steady waves crest white

Bubble and foam, make landfall

Gulls huddle for warmth!

Art Prescription:  Here in North Carolina we are four hours from the mountains and 3 from the beach. Both directions make an excellent winter escape!! I think for right now my spirit needs the steady, rhythmic, reassuring sound of the ocean. Peace.