Perches to look down

Sees her world from a new branch

Different viewpoint.

Art Prescription:  Never hurts to look at things from a new perspective.

Bird perspective.jpg

Purple coneflower

Petals whither, fresh thistle

For yellow goldfinch.

Art Prescription:  I so enjoy hearing the sweet sound of the goldfinches coming for thistle.

Watercolor with my chop that says “hope”


ICAD 2016 CoverICAD starts June one

Index card art for two months

Daily challenges!

Art Prescription:  So ICAD 2016 starts tomorrow. Most days through June and July I will be working from prompts from Daisy Yellow

I did this last year and it’s such a fun way to create everyday. As you all know I create on index cards all through the year. They lend themselves to all kinds of media.

Join us!!

ICAD 2016 Cover Card:


Sounding the alarm

Squats and bobs, tail held up high

Carolina Wren.

Art Prescription:  I love watching these spunky little birds bob and call. They have a distinctive little dance and posture. They are small, but they can cover a big territory with their chattering. Don’t we all need to know how far our voice carries? Are people hearing us when we ask for what we need?

Index card with pen and ink and colored pencil:

Index card Carolina Wren

come on spring

Fresh water they splash

Hop up to nearest branch, preen.

The local bird bath.

Art Prescription:  Bird watching is a cure-all. Dress-code not required.

bird bath

Love is in the air

He soars from tree, blue twinkles

Spring-fling, flirty bird!!

Art Prescription:  After an ice storm 4 days ago, today it’s about 70 degrees here in North Carolina! Step outdoors and you would think spring has launched. The birds know it’s time to start the dance!!

love collage