Purple coneflower

Petals whither, fresh thistle

For yellow goldfinch.

Art Prescription:  I so enjoy hearing the sweet sound of the goldfinches coming for thistle.

Watercolor with my chop that says “hope”


Bird bath is frozen

Bright moon, partly cloudy night

Pine tree silhouette.

Art Prescription:  Change, like the seasons, is constant. When your spirit is restless, your body tells you. Have you eaten all the apples you want…the sweetness of life?

frozen bird bath

Glistening water

Jets towards bird bath, hummer flies

Darts in, out of stream!

Art Prescription:  This time of year requires daily refilling bird bath. While spraying clean water in the bath, and also watering newly planted impatiens, a hummingbird darted through stream. So fast! Just getting a quick shower!  Here’s a sneak peek at some new check designs…

check flowers I

Birds don’t seem to mind

Sharing the same bath water.

And the line starts here!!

Art Prescription:  There is a definite pecking order at the bird bath. A blue jay and robin negotiate, the blue jay goes first. As soon as he is done, the robin hops in and flutters with delight…never-mind who went first! Others wait on the side-lines for their turn. Seems an amicable bunch.


Fresh water they splash

Hop up to nearest branch, preen.

The local bird bath.

Art Prescription:  Bird watching is a cure-all. Dress-code not required.

bird bath

Bird bath is frozen

Last year’s seed are ground sculptures

The southern pine cone.

Art Prescription:  A meditation drawing. Only allow yourself a limited time. Don’t get caught up in too much detail. Breath…

southern pines