Purple coneflower

Petals whither, fresh thistle

For yellow goldfinch.

Art Prescription:  I so enjoy hearing the sweet sound of the goldfinches coming for thistle.

Watercolor with my chop that says “hope”


Familiar song

He chortles from the tree top

Totally for her.

Art Prescription:  Male birds know how to serenade the females. They sing their hearts out just to get her interest. Sweet! Blue birds start their romance in February.

Collage and colored pencil on an envelope.

Envelope art bluebird

The bar is open

Black sunflower seeds for all

Line starts in the trees!

Art Prescription:  Saturday morning…time to sit with coffee and watch the birds. And do a little sketching.

Bird bar sketchbook

Sheen like dark  jewels

Wings catch March morning sun-shine

Black crow by the pond.

Art Prescription:  Nothing sweeter than spring walks and painting with studio door wide-open!

March Crow





Love is in the air

Along with hot and cold waves

Birds look for houses.

Art Prescription:  The weather goes up and down like a roller-coaster. Warm front…arctic blast. My layers of coats and jackets hang ready in the closet. Meanwhile, the birds seem to be right on track.

Love is 2014 1

Two shiny black crows

Velvet against deep, hard frost

Scratch steel blades of grass.

Art Prescription:  Crunch goes the ground.

two crows 1