December bird count

Binoculars, sketchbook, time

Five miles of shear bliss!!

Art Prescription:  Yes! I am a total bird geek. Love watching these colorful, delightful, big-brown eyed beings as they dance, prance, look for food, pick berries, or fly from tree to tree. Here is my sketchbook list from Christmas Day:

2012 bird count

A voice sang from woods

Peace on earth, goodwill to man

Many answered call!!

Art Prescription:  Beautiful Christmas day here in North Carolina. Spent it with my soul-mate walking in the woods, doing a Christmas day bird count, and a bit of sketching…bliss…shear bliss. I highly recommend it. This new year go out and buy yourself a sketchbook. Simply take notice of your surroundings. Especially when you are too busy…just ten minutes of joy and a change in brain chemistry!

poinsettia bird song