Hello friends and fellow bloggers,

I have a special treat for you today! I’ve been working with a group of young environmentalists to bring to life a body of kid’s art. Last summer these NC Kids painted their favorite NC threatened bird with my coaching.

Announcing The Threatened Bird Project Note Cards!! My company has produced this charming set of 12 note cards, and a portion of the proceeds will be donated to our local Audubon chapter. http://www.newhopeaudubon.org

Please visit my Etsy shop to make your purchase to support the birds!


Also visit my NC Threatened Bird Project page right here on the Art Prescription!


Endangered birds back card

Purple coneflower

Petals whither, fresh thistle

For yellow goldfinch.

Art Prescription:  I so enjoy hearing the sweet sound of the goldfinches coming for thistle.

Watercolor with my chop that says “hope”


Dark and cool outside

First light, daybreak, the world turns

Sweet birds morning song.

Art Prescription:  There are a few things worth getting up in the dark for…


White feathered breast beams

March morning sun, Mockingbird

Sweet spring harmony.

Art Prescription:  Hard not to smile while looking up to see a puffed-up Mockingbird singing his heart out on a limb. Actually grin!! They are show offs! Wildflowers dance in the meadow.

Red Wildflower Meadow


First morning light seeps

Into my sleepy window

First bird song’s sweet pitch.

Art Prescription:  Better than an alarm clock!!

First songbird

Earth trusts sun to rise

Birds, confident, sing morning

Faith, hope, assurance.

Art Prescription: Things I want more of in 2013! Faith in others, honesty from others, trust in myself. Assurance, like the birds, to just sing!!


A voice sang from woods

Peace on earth, goodwill to man

Many answered call!!

Art Prescription:  Beautiful Christmas day here in North Carolina. Spent it with my soul-mate walking in the woods, doing a Christmas day bird count, and a bit of sketching…bliss…shear bliss. I highly recommend it. This new year go out and buy yourself a sketchbook. Simply take notice of your surroundings. Especially when you are too busy…just ten minutes of joy and a change in brain chemistry!

poinsettia bird song