Dragonflies June 1, 2014

Big fat dragonflies

Wings flicker in sun over

Turtles on a log.

Art Prescription:  It was very “buzzy” at Mason Farm today. Lots of winged insects. Dragonflies big as birds, well, almost. Watercolor pencil on 3 x 5 notecard illustration.

dragonfly 3 x 5

Haiku July 21, 2013 Travel

Her yellow suitcase

Is packed thanks to the cosmos

Wait, the sunflower!

Art Prescription:  I adore watching the bees hover around my garden filling their pollen pouches with yellow gold. They get so loaded down, and yet they move on to the next bloom and the next…clearly inebriated!  New wedding invitation designs!


Haiku June 23, 2013 My Studio

Bees buzz around Balm

Showy patch side studio

Hummingbirds zip by!

Art Prescription:  Today instead of a painting, thought I’d share the view around my studio. I can look out my windows and see closeups of bees and hummers feeding from tall, red Bee Balm.


Haiku November 9, 2012 Rated R

Smitten… chemistry

Bee hovers over new rose


Art Prescription:  Sometimes in life you just hit “like!” The chemistry of attraction is bold, firm, and soft! It’s the mood that says sleep is irrelevant. In all honesty, all but the sleep thing, I like to sleep, I would still hit the “like” button on my guy!

Haiku March 20, 2012

Birds sing and bees buzz

Today, the first day of spring

Each day brings more pop!

Art Prescription: All around us now here in NC spring has sprung. Today is officially the first day of spring. I think the birds and bees got wind of it happening a little bit sooner. What do you notice this time of year where you live? I’d love to know.