The box is singing

Fledglings are making some noise

Do the parents sleep?

Art Prescription:  Mother Nature’s tenacity is amazing. Every minute or so I see one of the chickadee parents leave the box to go grocery shopping. The box gets quiet. And as soon as one of the parents flies in, there is a lot of sweet high-note chirping going on.

Index card with colored pencil:

Index card chickadee egg.jpeg

Loads of rich green moss

And soft downy rabbit fur

A chickadee nest.

Art Prescription:  It fascinates me that all birds build different nests. Some use twigs and vines, some nest in tree cavities, others build with leaves, moss, fur, and I’ve even seen a snake skin. What a lot of work these winged friends put into their offspring.

Sumi-ink with my chop that says “hope”

Birds chickadee.jpeg

Bird egg blue birdTwo different nests

One for now, one for later

Industrious bird.

Art Prescription:  I’ve had bluebirds building a nest inside a box in the yard for a month. Curious about this behavior, I asked the crew at Carolina Birders. Evidently these birds are building an alternate nest. While the pair takes care of sitting on eggs or feeding current fledglings, they spend their mornings building another nest. So if something happens to the first nest they have a new nest to lay eggs in or they may just use it as the next home. Fascinating how nature equips itself with procreation!!

8 x 8 mixed-media on watercolor paper


A paper bird’s nest

Nature journal style study

Tear, glue, draw, and paint.

Art Prescription:  So fun to work spontaneously with my art buddies! As we talked, our hands moved and art was made.

8 x 8 mixed-media on paper

Bird Eggs


Fast furious swoop

A near miss, the dove chortles

Hungry red-eyed hawk.

Art Prescription:  I was sitting outside when I heard a sudden ruffle of wings. A hawk swooped in after a morning dove in the trees. Lucky for the dove, the hawk went hungry. The yin and yang of nature.

Nature Collection


A pretty cute crowd

Small nest in a fern basket

Move over, my worm!

Art Prescription:  Discovered this nest when eggs were laid. Now spying on the biddies.

Index card with pen and ink and colored pencil:

Index card nest

Dorothy was right

No matter how far you roam,

There’s no place like home.

Art Prescription:  Feeling much like a princess in a palace, I’m home!! Home with my creature comforts, and everything else that makes my heart sing.

robin nest 1