Haiku June 5, 2013

Seconds tick on clock

I sway to the time, rocking

Black cat in my arms!

Art Prescription:  We have three cats!! Each one has a very distinct personality and my days are filled with cat antics. Matisse, my big furry black cat, I think he has some Siamese traits, likes being held. He melts into my arms and will lay wilted with love until, with protest, I set him down.

Spring 2006 053


Haiku December 7, 2012 Predictable Cat

Meow howl for chow

Long lick both chops, clean face, purr

Repeat twice a day!

Art Prescription:  We have cats! Three! I’d love a dog too, but for now the cats rule! Artist throughout history have studied the long and graceful lines of cat behavior. My favorite is Steinlen! If you have pets they are perfect for gestural sketching…try and capture the essence of  dog or cat -itude!