Rushed Blooms April 8, 2014

In a rush to bloom

Flowers wait all winter long

For a few sweet days.

Art Prescription:  Sound familiar? We rush to be 16, and then we rush to be 21, and we rush to get through school and “start” our life. Don’t know about you…but these days I want to savor the moment.

Rushed Blooms

Haiku October 15, 2012 Life Cycle

Like swing ride at fair

Cosmo seed globes burst outward

Wait for wind to bed.

Art Prescription:  My Cosmos are still blooming! So on one plant I have at least four stages of their life cycle:  bud, flower, fertilize, seed! The seed globes are mini sculptures, delicate, and highly designed! Nature is a master architect!

Haiku September 28, 2012 Fall Bloomer

Stand tall fall bloomer

A final burst of color

Last call! Bumblebees!

Art Prescription:  I planted an African Daisy on my porch last spring, and it has delivered blooms all summer. With cooler nights now suddenly it is covered in blooms, as if it knows to give it all its got before October frost comes creeping in. I watercolor-sketched for a creativity fix after two very busy days at my nursing job.

Haiku May 5, 2012


Blue-eyed grass rises in woods

Reaching for the sun.

Art Prescription:  Sisyrinchium angustifolium, or Blue-eyed Grass are happy little blooms that greet you along wooded trails. They are bluish-purple and just say “Hi.” If you are in a hurry, you may not notice them, so slow down and look at what’s blooming at your feet!


Haiku January 27, 2012

January blooms?

Forsythia, candy-tuffs

Is this nature’s tease?

Art Prescription: I always look forward to spring blossoms. This year it seems awful early to see my perennial favorites blooming in January. Take your sketch book out and record these 60 degree days of January.