Leaves shiver in breeze

Cool, grey, wintry, cloudy, sky

Fluffy birds huddle.

Art Prescription:  I can’t think of a better way to end the year than a nature walk with my sketchbook and my love. Just us and our footsteps together for a 25th New Years Eve. Our lives are blessed and happy, and my wish for everyone is to find the simple beauty of each and every day. Oh yea, and make some art! Here’s to 2017!

Sketchbook with pen and graphite:

Sketch book 12:31:16.jpeg


The Queen spreads her seed

Across hill and dale she reigns

With a crown of thorns.

Art Prescription:  My Queen Anne’s Lace has gone to seed…fascinating. Ever look this close? I used my 10x magnifying glass.

sketchbook Queen Anne's Lace

Blue barn on the hill

Watches over the horses

Redbuds bloom purple.

Art Prescription:  I spent the whole day field sketching! Started at the NC Botanical Gardens and then to Blue Skies Farm in the afternoon. Bliss!

blue barn