Worse before better

A mound of things from closet

Trash, save, or Goodwill.

Art Prescription: Organizing sure does sooth nerves. At first not so much, as you pull everything out of the closet.

Going in deep now. Just how many gift bags are in there?

Running a business from home has challenges… one is organizing.

Just shipped this custom painting:

Studio Day

Hi y’all,

Spent my afternoon painting in my studio with the doors and windows open. A bit warm, but like feeling I’m part of the backyard.

I’m working on a custom order. A set of my brush paintings.

So fun to work on a series:

It is February February 25, 2017

Taupe colored clouds move

In with a cold winter front

Hang tight little blooms.

Art Prescription:  All this warm weather here in North Carolina has encouraged everything to bloom early. Now tonight a front is moving back in.

I love the simple elegance of brush painting. I’ll make this one available in my Etsy shop!!

Watercolor with my chop that says “hope”

February shrub 72.jpg