Haiku October 18, 2012 Sketch Break!!

Light rain falls, grey sky

Sunset casts pink purple glow

Pumpkins smile on porch!

Art Prescription:  Busy day! Time for a quick sketch! Our days can easily get occupied by the demands of our jobs, family, etc. Taking a 10 minute break to sit quietly and look at the sunset, do a quick sketch, can bring peace and closure to an otherwise hectic day!!

Haiku April 19, 2012 Crows

Sweet honeysuckle

Crow carries a piece of straw

Disappears in tree.

Art Prescription: Walking through my short path in the woods from the bus from work, the scent of honeysuckle filled my lungs. Ahhhh….I thought this is life! Then I heard a crow caw and saw her sitting tree-top beak filled with nesting material. I watched her as she circled around, to make sure no one saw her. Then she glided into a cedar tree and disappeared. Secret nest.  This could mimicked the way I feel after leaving a busy day at my nursing job. I return to my nest and disappear…happily.