And then it all comes

Together, the path, vision

Flight, freedom, take place.

Art Prescription:  From the mosaic I did for yesterday’s post I then negative painted and butterflies took flight out of chaos. What fun to start with a random design and find magic on the page!!

8 1/2 x 11 mixed media with collage and negative painting

Butterflies mosaic

In the cool spring mud

A Mourning Cloak Butterfly

Feeds on minerals.

Art Prescription:  For those of you who follow my blog you will remember the gem I found while walking at Mason Farm. It’s a Mourning Cloak Butterfly. They use their probiscus to feed on the minerals found in mud. This is why you often see a bunch of butterflies on a puddle.

Index card with colored pencil and graphite:

Index card Mourning Cloak

A gem on the path

While a woodpecker keeps time

Fledgelings flap for food.

Art Prescription:  A weekend walk at our favorite place Mason Farm. The greenery is lush and birds have fledged their nests. Parents are busy feeding jittery young, so devoted. Loud as a drum, a woodpecker beats at a hollow tree. Butterflies flit and flitter among wildflowers.

Iphone photo:


Hummingbirds fuel up

For their long fall migration

Lots of fall flowers.

Art Prescription:  I’m still seeing hummingbirds coming to fall blooms. They won’t be around for long as they prepare for migration.

Alcohol ink:

alcohol sept

Fall wildflowers bloom

Dot the meadows and woods for

Butterflies to feed.

Art Prescription:  Hiked Mason Farm this past weekend. Beautiful wildflowers and lots of butterflies. Feeds my muse.

Here is a little drawing for you to color! You can print it off and color with your favorite art tools! Secret…I’m working on a new Art Prescription (™) adult coloring product…due out October!

Index card with pen and ink:

Index card butterfly color 1

Vines grew and wound up

Anything they could find to

Help them meet the sun.

Art Prescription:  Busy, busy RN day…needed a little dose of Art Prescription for myself.

College and pen and ink on index card.

Index card Vet day 1

The leaves on a stem

Branching of a winter tree

An uncurling fern.

Art Prescription:  And the butterfly knows where to go…

Watercolor and pen and ink on watercolor paper.

Butterfly geometry